Saturday, May 25, 2013


Chrome and I have something in common.... we are both itchy!!!!!  Actually poor Jackal (my Beagle/Mountain Cur dog) has that in common with us too.  The ticks are horrible this year because for once we aren't having a drought this spring.  The ticks are bothering me and Jackal, but poor Chrome's issue is with those blasted gnats!!!!!!!!  The gnats that cause sweet itch.  Yeah it's already coming back and it's not even June yet.  Normally he doesn't have a problem until August.

His legs have been scabby and itchy for a while, but I thought it was ticks, so I was just putting medicine on them.  I'm wondering now if it isn't also from the gnats.... not sure.  All I know is that he chews them raw, so I'm putting diaper rash ointment (zinc oxide) on his sores because it helps healing, protects from the flies, prevents fungus and he also hates the taste so it's helping stop him from chewing.  The only problem is once he gets it in his mouth he can't get it out!!  You know that motion horses make with their mouth when they accidentally pick up a leaf or grass roots?  Yeah he keeps doing that.  He tried getting a drink and eating hay, but that stuff is hard to get off.  I think he finally got used to is because he went back to eating hay.  If he does it again I was thinking about rinsing his mouth with a hose, but that stuff is so waterproof I don't know if it would help.  Once thing that worries me is whether it is poisonous or not.  Is zinc oxide poisonous if they lick it?  Anyone who uses diaper rash ointment for scratches have any opinions or advice on that??

So since he's getting bumps on his shoulders I'm doing his neem oil again like last year.  I probably should have started sooner, but I didn't realize they would come out so soon.  I caught it with only one raw bump though so I'm hoping it helps prevent the mess we had last year.  I'm also considering oral antihistamines again.  I just have to go back to the posts last year because I forgot what kind was suggested lol.

Anyway sorry for not posting in a few days.  My dad and husband have had a few days off and we've been working our butts off on building our house.  We're finally putting up sheet rock!!  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to move in.  :D  I also haven't ridden Chrome either because I'm so tired and sore at the end of the day. We quit early today so I'm hoping I feel up to a ride tomorrow after taking a break.  My allergies have hit me hard again so we shall see.  :)  I hope you guys are all having fabulous weather and that you're getting to ride your beautiful horses!!!!

ETA:  Pictures of my itchy boy.

 Ahhh!!!!! He only has two legs!!!!!


  1. Poor itchy guy! The ticks have been so bad. I am trying a natural spray on Shy, seeing if that will keep them off. Yuck.

  2. Best thing ever for those pesky blood sucking gnats!

  3. Cindy the link doesn't work. :( I put natures edge in Google and couldn't find anything....


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