Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chrome's Homecoming

Sorry for taking so long to post this. I've just been spending every spare moment with Chrome. I'm so happy I don't have to work the next two days. Chrome was a little scared and was missing his mom and friends on his first day, but he's doing much better today. He still neighs occasionally, but he's made friends with the neighbor's horse over the fence and he doesn't seem to mind the goats for company. I'm very happy with Chrome. He is such a lovable and personable horse.

Below I'll post pictures of his ride in the trailer. We stopped partway home to get something to eat and I sat in the trailer with him while we waited. He did very well. He was so curious about the traffic and people walking around outside the trailer. I love his expression in these pictures!!

Can you tell I love my boy? Please excuse the hideous fashion statement. It was cold and muddy. :)

Sometimes it's so hard to believe this guy is only five months old!! He's already 12.2hh tall, which is 4 foot 2in or 128.3 cm for my overseas viewers. I'm hoping he will mature to at least 15.2hh. His sire is 16.2hh and his dam is 14.3hh, so he should make 15.2hh.

I love this picture. You can see the Friesian in him. :) He looks black in this picture but he's actually a very pretty combination of black, brown and white hairs. I'm pretty positive he's going to turn gray like his mom when he's older. He already has so much gray in him already. That's okay though. He'll be gorgeous no matter what color he is. Below are close ups of his fur.

I'm so looking forward to spending many long years with this beautiful boy. :) I'll post more pictures from his first day in a new post.

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