Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monthly Progress Report - 10-19-09

I'm going to make a monthly progress report on Chrome, so we can all keep track of how he's doing. The report will include a current picture, his age, height, approximate weight, progress from previous month and goals for the next month. Each report will be done on the nineteenth since he was born on May nineteenth. Even if I post late the measurements and pictures were taken on the correct day. So here goes . . .

Date: 10-19-09
Age: 5 months
Height: 12.2hh (50.5 in/4ft 2in/1.27 meters/128.3 cm)
Weight: Approx 400lbs

Progress: Chrome made it home safely. He was a little scared at first, but he's settled in nicely. He's introduced himself to the neighbors horse (pictures and video coming soon) and has met his goat companions. We're getting an older mare as soon as possible to keep him company and teach him his manners. The donkey we got as a companion unfortunately is too wild I think to make a good company. I don't want Chrome to become hard to catch or to learn bad manners, although we may still use the donkey temporarily as soon as we get his coggins results back. Thankfully the neighbor gelding is sticking pretty close to Chrome except for getting water from his pond (still within sight). Chrome is a total pocket pony and already knows to come to us when the flies are bothering him. He's so inquisitive and friendly. He's loading easily onto the trailer (often by himself!!) and has not lost his appetite at all. He doesn't appear to be suffering from any undue stress. He hasn't had any diarrhea like some colts gets when they're weaned and moved. I'm very happy with him and can't wait to start clicker training.

Goals: Our goals for this coming month are to get to know each other, find a companion and basically settle into a routine. The breeder did such a fantastic job with him. He already picks up all four feet, stands still to be groomed, leads and is just so well behaved. Once he's settled in I'm going to work on refining some of his leading skills. He needs work on his "whoa" since he has a tendency to crowd. I'll also continue to work on hauling him in the trailer.


  1. He's very handsome already.

    I'll be interested to see how your clicker training goes. I didn't realise it was a method used with horses.

  2. I see he has already learned a nice stack, huh.
    He is looking more handsome already.


  3. Chrome's breeder left this comment:

    "Chrome is looking great. I am so glad that he found a "great" home. That was my biggest concern and I am glad that we both found you!!!"

    I had to delete and repost it because she used my name lol.


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