Friday, October 23, 2009

Chrome's Second Day

I am soooo behind on editing pictures. My camera takes huge pictures and I have to downsize them before I can post them. Sometimes I get lazy and get waaaay behind on photos. So anyway, here are Chrome's pictures from day two. He finally got to meet the neighbor's gelding Two Socks (original huh?). He also got to meet my two pygmy goats, Hairy Vetch and Sassafras, and my Siberian Husky Storm.

First up we have the goats. He was very curious, but also a little wary of them. Vetch was being a brat and tried to head butt Chrome, so in the last picture he's flipping them off (threatening to kick). They're getting along much better now. :)

Here are the pictures of him meeting Storm, my Siberian Husky. You can also see her blog for more pictures. Here are my favorites.

And here are the pictures of him and Two Socks. It was so cute watching his submissive champing (stretching head and neck, pulling back lips and clapping teeth together is a submissive gesture to older horses) to the gelding.

Chrome kept turning his butt to the gelding and champing. The gelding gave him some pretty hard bites to the rump, but they are great friends. They've even learned to play bitey face with each other. Its so cute!

And here are some more random pictures of my beautiful boy.

Being cute. :) I was happy to catch these two on camera. The yawning one looks like a braying donkey. :)

Doing his Arabian impression. I love these pictures!

We haven't worked on any specific training yet. Just spending a lot of time together, getting to know one another. He LOVES being scratched all over, specifically his ears and chest. As soon as I get him a companion I'm going to start working on desensitizing him to things like plastic, blankets, ropes, whips, etc. He's a little jumpy, but I think it's just because he's on his own for the first time. A lot like getting your first apartment and every door slam makes you jump. :D

Keep an eye out for the next post. My husband bought Chrome a present!


  1. That bitey butt looks painful. Guess you have to put up with it to keep the peace, though. So many wonderful friends you have.

    Those are most beautiful photos, but I don't think you can look bad (well maybe when you act like a donkey).


  2. Chrome is one handsome guy. I love Friesans, it will be fun to watch him grow and learn.


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