Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blood Drawn

I'm very proud of Chrome. He had his blood drawn for his coggins test and didn't even flinch! I wasn't there of course, but the breeder emailed me to tell me about it. The vet hadn't seen Chrome since he was two days old. When he saw him that day he asked the breeder, "When are you going to wean him? Isn't he about eight months old?" The breeder told him that Chrome wasn't even five months old. The vet said, "Wow! That is a huge, beautiful colt!" He also said that Chrome had very good conformation and he sees a lot of colts in his line of business. So the breeder and I are very proud of Chrome. :) I'm waiting for some new pictures from the breeder. As soon as I get some I'll post them here.


  1. What does 'very good conformation' mean?

    I'm as excited over this baby as if he were my own...

  2. What a good boy! ^_^ Good luck with him he's gorgeous!

    pam- "very good conformation" means he matches the breed standard perfectly or nearly perfectly. =)


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