Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vet Visit

Chrome went to see the veterinarian today. He didn't have a fever and hasn't had a cough in a while, so the vet said it's probably just a respiratory infection, so he's on a course of antibiotics. :) I'm so glad he's easy to give oral medicine to! Thanks Tracey (breeder)!

I took the camera, but felt a little weird taking pictures at the vet clinic. Didn't want them to think I was spying or something. It was my first time to this particular vet. He was very nice and I was impressed by all the questions he asked. Very thorough. :) So no pictures unfortunately.

Galaxy was upset being left alone, but Chrome walked right onto the trailer. He neighed a few times as we drove to town, but was calm. At the clinic he walked right off the trailer and into the clinic stable. He never spooked at anything and was calm the entire time. He never fussed during the whole exam, not even while getting his temperature taken. He was such a good boy. I was proud.

When leaving he hesitated at the gate because it was huge and swung inward toward him, but he walked right through and loaded back on the trailer easily. Even my adult horses never loaded so easily on a trailer!!!! I felt like he didn't even need my help. :)

So now to keep an eye on Galaxy and make sure she doesn't get it. I got a video of them walking/trotting around and pictures of them taking a nap together so I'll try to get them posted asap! I really want to get a video of them really trotting out together (as opposed to the lazy trot) because they both move so beautifully, but with all the mud they don't often trot around. They prefer cuddling or eating hay lol! I'll keep trying. It'll be worth it. :)

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  1. My momma gets nervous about taking photos at the vet too. So glad that Chrome checked out with something treatable and was such a good boy.



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