Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chrome & Galaxy Video

It isn't the greatest quality because I was using the digital camera instead of the video camera, but here is the first video of Chrome and Galaxy. I know his halter looks tight, but it's the only way to keep him from getting it off and we don't leave it on him all the time.

I've decided since Chrome is playing hard to catch that I'm going to feed him outside of the pen. This also helps keep Galaxy out of his food. So now if he wants to eat he has to be caught, haltered and led out, then he has to follow me while I feed Galaxy then he gets to go eat his food while I groom him or work on desensitizing him to a swinging lead rope.

After he eats I'll take him back to the paddock and work on more desensitizing. I've been swinging the rope all around him and waving my hands around. If I do this everyday it shouldn't take long for him to stop being so jumpy. He calms down very quickly, so I don't think he's actually scared, he's just very reactive to movement. I'll keep you updated. :)


  1. That little bit he ran (or trotted) was really beautiful. Are Fresians the horses they you don't even know they're running when they're running (when you're astride)?

    And it was quite lovely that Galaxy ran over straightaway. Love already...

  2. Chrome! I think your legs might be too big for you. I hope that you will grow into them so that you look all big and handsome like your dad.

    You are hanging out with the goats, I see. I am so happy that you have a girlfriend.



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