My Equestrian Bucket List

A list of things I want to do with horses before I die.  :)

2. Own a purebred Friesian
4. Train a horse through each level of dressage (Training, First, Second, Third, etc.)
5. Ride my horse in a dressage show (preferably one at my old barn)
6. Train my horse for Competitive Trail Riding
7. Ride my horse in a Competitive Trail Ride
8. Take my horse for an overnight camping trip
9. Ride a Grand Prix dressage trained horse and try the upper level movements (piaffe, passage, etc)
10. Ride a horse (my horse?) on the beach and in the ocean
11. Teach my horse (or donkey!) to drive in singles and/or pairs
12. Drive a horse with a wagon, carriage, etc.
13. Use a horse to cut grass and plow garden (affording the equipment is the hard part)
15. Learn archery on horseback
16. Train my horse to accept mounted shooting
17. Take my own horse to an SCA event (do jousting, etc.)
20. Watch the birth of a foal in person
21. Take my own horse on a cattle drive/or just work cattle
22. Ride a draft horse
23. Adopt a wild Mustang
24. Win a ribbon (don't care what place lol)
25. See the Cavalia show in person
26. Teach my horse 10, 15, 20, 50, 100 tricks with clicker training
27. See the famous Lipizzan stallions at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
31. Own an awesome trail mammoth mule
32. Own, ride or at least meet a Morgan
33. Own a black blanket patterned Appaloosa
34. Own (or meet) a Norwegian Fjord (and learn how to trim the manes on them)
35. Ride a horse in Ireland (or Scotland)
36. See the Chincoteague ponies in the wild
37. Build my dream barn
38. Ride a horse in a parade COMPLETED 5-18-19
39. Ride my/a horse in a hunt.
40. Meet Chrome's sire Jan!  COMPLETED 3-27-14
41. Canter Chrome  COMPLETED 5-21-14
42. Ride through a drive through on a horse.
43. Gallop Chrome across an open field.
44. Own a black horse.  COMPLETED 6-19-11
45. Grow a horse's mane to at least his/her elbow.
46. Try riding sidesaddle
47. Go on a trail ride through the snow (I've only ever ridden in my yard in snow)
48. Teach a horse to bow
49. Learn to pull a trailer (and back one).
50. Take Chrome on a midnight trail ride
51. Teach Chrome to neck rein
52. Ride Chrome on the trail or roads completely by myself. COMPLETED 5-11-2014
53. Own a stock trailer. COMPLETED June 2019
54. Have a longe lesson with Chrome or on a lesson horse.
55. Ride a horse on a racetrack.
56. Find Faran a good home. COMPLETED 4-19-14
57. Have pictures of me riding a horse in a dress.  COMPLETED 5-18-14 
58. Paint a picture of a horse.
59. Make or buy a saddle pad with my horse's name on it.
60. Attend the FEI World Cup COMPLETED 2007 in Las Vegas
61. Attend a clinic by someone famous COMPLETED (I don't remember when it was, but it was Clinton Anderson before I decided I didn't like his training methods)
62. Ride my horse through town at night to see all the Christmas lights.
63. Ride Chrome in a clinic.
64. Make a video of me riding Chrome in a pretend musical freestyle.
65. Go on a trail ride with Chrome and his dam Beebee. Sadly she passed before I could.
66. Go on a trail ride with Chrome and his sire Jan.
67. Have pictures of me riding Chrome in a dress.
68. Go to a keuring
69. Own a miniature horse
70. Volunteer for a therapeutic riding center COMPLETED 2011
71. Pull a trailer with horses on it COMPLETED 5/2014 
72. Ride Chrome on every major holiday (still need St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day)
73. Stand up on Chrome's back and him not kill me
74. Meet a famous horse or one that has been in a movie
75. Dress Chrome in a Halloween costume
76. See the Budweiser Clydesdales in person COMPLETED 2019
77. Own the same horse for twenty years (halfway there as of 2019!!)
78. Learn different kinds of braiding for manes and tails
79. Ride Chrome in a rodeo arena
80. Ride Chrome in the snow at night preferably with a full moon
81. Ride in the fog and get pictures
82. Canter Chrome bareback COMPLETED 10-26-14
83. Jump Chrome  COMPLETED 11-2-14
84. Canter Chrome off property  COMPLETED 11-15-14
85.  Teach Chrome to pull me on a sled if we ever get enough snow
86.  Learn Working Equitation

Completed:  20