Thursday, March 27, 2014

I finally got to meet Chrome's sire!!!!!!!

Sorry I disappeared for a couple of days.  My husband and I went on a road trip to do something I've been trying to do for two years.... we met Chrome's sire!!!  Jan (pronounced like yawn) is the most gorgeous, personable, laid back Friesian stallion I have ever met.  I can totally see where Chrome gets his personality!  They are just alike!  It was soooo hard to drag myself away.  Jan's owner is so friendly, funny and welcoming, it felt like we've known each other for years!  I can't wait to go visit again.  :D

Absolutely gorgeous!!!  He's 16.1hh I think.  The perfect height.  :)
I got to help brush him and unbraid his mane, so fun!

 Look at all the hair!  How does he even see where he's going hehe!

 Now you can totally see where Chrome gets his sexy smile!

 He was having such a blast kicking up his heels and catching some air in the round pen.

 And tossing his mane like a horsey Fabio!


 Look at the gorgeous mane!!  It reaches his haunches!

 He has great movement!  Again his mane reaches his haunches.

 His forelock is so long she HAS to braid it to keep him from accidentally eating it!


 He is so gorgeous!  These pictures don't even catch the half of it.  I wish you could all meet him in person.

 Hubby even got his picture taken with him. :D

This is after we rebraided his mane.  It reaches his knees!  

I LOVE this horse!  When you're around him you totally forget he's a stallion.  He's so calm and well behaved.  I wanted to stay there all day and be his personal hair dresser and slave LOL!

P.S.  The white on his forehead is gray hairs, not white markings.  :)


  1. I was lucky enough to meet N's sire too, before she was born. Yep yep I'm the perve that was at conception! Well maybe not hers actually as she had a full sister 2 years younger who sadly only lived to be a yearling.
    Their dam is an awful traveler (bad experience) so the stallion had to come to her - lucky me I met both N's parents. Sadly never met any of K's family although I did buy her from her breeder only all stock besides herself were turned out when we visited. I do know her sire is also the sire of Reed Kessler's Cos I Can :-D

    1. Doh!
      Forgot to say stunning photos! Any friesians I've been lucky enough to meet have all been incredibly laid back and gorgeous (goes without saying)!
      Here's hoping I can coax N's mane & tail to look like that some day!

  2. He's gorgeous. It must have been fun grooming all that hair. Lostine's mane has been getting ridiculously long because I haven't been combing it to avoid ripping out hairs. I finally found a detangler that works well on her: ShowSheen. I'm going to try to run a comb through it again today to make sure there isn't a ton of residue build up like with Cowboy Magic.

  3. He is gorgeous! So exciting you got to meet Chrome's sire :)

  4. Aoife that is too funny. You're not a perve hehe. You should try braiding N's mane. Jan's owner braided his mane, then looped it back through itself at the top so that there's a loop and then the end, then she wrapped electrical tape around the middle of it. The electrical tape doesn't stick to the hair. She said his mane started growing like crazy when she started doing it that way. :)

    NuzMuz, Show Sheen is what Jan's owner is using too. :D If you want a cheaper alternative you can put liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle, fill with water, shake it up and tada a cheap, effective detangler. The amount of fabric softener you use is kind of trial and error, but it doesn't take a lot. It smells great too. :D

  5. Too fun!! Glad you got the chance to do it!

  6. That's awesome. I WISH I got to meet Ozzy's sire before he passed. Jan is gorgeous. And a nice, strong Polish name ;)

  7. Wow! He is really stunning! What a thrill it must have been hanging out with him for a while. Love the action shots and the one with Hubby is really cute.


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