Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ACTHA Obstacle Frog in Pond - Video

 I decided not to ride Chrome today.  I figured one more day off after his trim wouldn't hurt since he had so much taken off (not to mention if gives my chafing another day).  It seems like every time his angles change in his feet I see the changes in his stifles.  It's almost like they have to readjust again.  Hard to explain, but the day wasn't wasted because we worked on our Competitive Trail Riding obstacle training.

His hoof trimmings, which Jackal loves to chew on.  :)

First I had to dig out and rinse off my wading pool.  Then I filled it with clean water.... not that you can tell.  Ducks make water so nasty and the wading pools apparently weren't cleaned very well before we stored them lol.

Dirty wading pool.

Then I had to gather ammunition!  We got pebble sized ones, a medium sized one and a fairly big one to make different sized splashes.

Then here is the result...

Obviously we practiced from the ground first.  I don't think I've ever thrown anything into water near him before so I wanted to see his reaction.  He did awesome!  The reason he stepped away the first time I threw the biggest rock in is because the water touched him.  Before the water splashed against him he didn't care at all (other than being bored and wanting to go back to grazing).  I threw the big rock two more times and he didn't mind at all.  I'll practice this again tomorrow before mounting up and trying it.  I'll get video again.  :D

Sorry the video isn't very good.  You might want to turn the sound off.  I didn't realize the wind was that loud!!  So annoying.  It's been blowing for days and is getting on my nerves.  :(  Even worse the wind is cold!  I'm so ready for spring to be here for real lol.

So I think Chrome aced the first obstacle!  Standing still is the hard part hehe.  I think the reason he reacted to the water touching him is because he hasn't been bathed in almost a year.  Another reason I can't wait for it to warm up again!!!!  I'm looking forward to trying this from his back tomorrow.

P.S. I LOVE that I had all those rocks in a plastic bag on a windy day and he didn't care at all, even when I threw them to the ground.  :D  I don't miss the days of having a horse who was scared of plastic bags (well it was actually my sister's horse, but you know what I mean).


  1. Yay Chrome, no surprise he aced it. Friesian Xs are the best!

  2. what a good boy! I think he was hoping there were treats in the bag! :-)

    Good idea to start desensitizing him to different things. I think that is I something I can start too...since I'm still buried in snow!

  3. Hehehe! I do think he was hoping for treats in the bag! :D Poor dude. At least he got to go back to grazing. He likes that just as much as the treats. :D

    Aoife I agree Friesian crosses are definitely the BEST! :D

    Laura, I'm really excited about working on the obstacles. It's been so boring not having anything to focus on so I think this is a great way to occupy our brains.


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