Friday, March 21, 2014

Ride 46

I took pictures!!  The only thing I've noticed is when I take pictures I don't get as much done during the ride lol.  It just turns into a lollygagging around kind of thing.  It's okay though because as I was walking around to warm up, Chrome seemed a bit tender footed on the driveway.  Once we had walked around for ten minutes I trotted him and although he responded he was definitely lacking enthusiasm and wanted to stop after a few strides on his own.  I tried it three times to make sure and decided to call it quits even though I'd only ridden about fifteen minutes.  I'm pretty sure it's because he's overdue for his trim.  He's on an eight week cycle (which is too long anyway) and my farrier got sick (or her daughter did I think), so it's been another three weeks, so yeah he's way overdue.  I called her and she's coming out on Monday so hopefully that will get him back to himself.  He will probably get the weekend off since the weather is going to be icky anyways.  I don't think he will complain.  Here are a few more pictures.

 Jackal follows me around while I ride.  It's part of his new exercise program hehe.

 I tilted the camera BAD on this picture!  This shows the trees we weave around to practice steering.

This one isn't tilted hehe.  The trees to the left of the cedar tree.  Lots of fun weaving for us!

I'm hoping if the risk of frozen pipes is over that we can turn our outside water back on.  I would love to be able to give Chrome a bath.  He is sooo dirty!  It's supposed to get a bit cooler next week though so I may not be able to.  We shall see.  I'll keep you guys updated on the tender toes.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. I hope the farrier can come and help clean up his tender toes (love letter literation! - sorry can't spell)
    You guys are truly motoring with the back to back rides now - plus your bending lines of trees are such a cool way to use nature to your advantage! :D

  2. I have vivid dreams almost every night, and last night I dreamt that Faran, Chrome, and Zeppelin lived here. They were the only equines here (where were mine?). But they were so bad! First Faran pushed through a paddock fence, then Chrome just leaped over another one, and they just took off across the field tearing it up in the mud. I was like "Oh crap, I'm gonna lose them" but they stayed in the field. I can't remember what the donkey was doing, but I know he was there too.

  3. LOL Lyhta!!! That's awesome! I wouldn't put it past my boys to be naughty like that. I know Zep would have been up to something because he's such an instigator. :)

  4. also, the weird thing was, i dreamt i told you about it, so telling you today felt like the second time: )

  5. That is too funny! I've had dreams so vivid where I told someone something so it felt like major deja vu the next day when I actually told them. :) I've also dreamed I told someone something and then didn't tell them because I thought I already had LOL! Dreams are funny.

  6. I love seeing the photos, but I understand that you want to just focus on riding. Glad Jackal is getting his exercise too. I'm sure he likes being out with you and Chrome on adventures.

    Mango Momma


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