Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Has anyone read this book?

Has anyone read the book Everyday Training: Backyard Dressage by Mary Twelveponies?  Someone mentioned it on a forum I was reading and it sounded interesting, but I can't find anyone who has ever heard of it to see if it's a worthy buy... have any of you read it?  Here is the link to it on Amazon.  Thanks for any information you can share!


  1. I've never heard of it, but I'm suspicious of anyone with pony in their name.

  2. I have a copy at home, and although I haven't read it for a while, I remember it was a good book. She is a very good writer. I also have "There are not such thing as problem horses; just problem riders" which is excellent--I was just looking up a problem in it this weekend.

    They are older books, and I don't think she is even alive, anymore. I bought them back in the 80s when I first got into horses.

    I beleive she used to write for horse magazines and that that is her pen name.

  3. I thought the name was kind of weird too, but it makes sense that it was a pen name back in the day. I'll probably check it out. I'm bored out of my mind with this stupid icy weather so thanks for the other suggestion too Judi. :)

  4. Both books sound interesting, please review them if/when you do read them :-)

  5. I've read it! My neighbor has it, she used to ride saddleseat in middle school.

    What I remember most was her assertion that bridoons aren't necessary because a horse has enough room in it's mouth for two regular bits (I'm not sure if that's true for many horses?), and that she put a big emphasis on practicing dressage out on the trail, like doing voltes around shrubs and things like that. I should borrow it again.


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