Monday, March 3, 2014

Pretty Snow!

We got a little bit of snow (okay more like freezing rain, but it looks like snow lol) so of course I had to get some pictures of the ponies (yeah I know I don't actually have a pony, but that's what I call them anyways).  :D  It was sooooooo bright outside that I was totally snow blind so the pictures aren't great.  I could barely see the LCD screen to tell if they were in focus or in frame for that matter.  Here are the ones that turned out best.

We took a bucket of alfalfa chaff out and made little piles all over the snow for the horses to enjoy.  In the above picture Chrome is so focused on the bucket he didn't even notice the alfalfa on the ground.  Hubby showed him the pile on the ground and it was game on from there!

Faran says move it shrimp!  This is my pile!  They had so much fun.  It was great watching the silly boys licking the ice clean hehe.

 Yummy alfalfa!

 This is how hubby breaks the ice on the pond for me when it isn't too thick.  :)

I LOVE this shot!  Look at that gorgeous blue sky.  

Zep hates snow.  It balls up in his feet.  He wasn't caring too much while stuffing his face on alfalfa though lol!  Don't worry he didn't get much of it (too rich for donkeys) since he is the lowest on the totem pole the other boys kept him from getting much and that's why we kept each pile small.

 I like this one even though it's super blurry.  It looks like they are ice skating!

One more of cutie Zeppers.

I didn't take many because my hands were hurting soooo bad!  It's cold outside!

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  1. Fab photos, hope temps pick up for you so that hands don't freeze when photographing next time! :)


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