Monday, February 17, 2014

I rode a purebred Friesian mare!!!! It's a dream come true!!!!!!!

This gorgeous Friesian mare is Z!  My best friend, who is as Friesian obsessed as I am, has finally realized her lifelong dream of having her very own Friesian!!  Z is a seven year old mare who was imported to the states as a foal after her dam died of colic, so she is a bottle baby.  Her previous owner is having serious financial problems (due to a child's illness.. so sad), so he had to sell all of his Friesians.  She is a bit thin due to a foal who nursed too long and I guess he couldn't afford to feed them as much as they needed.  Otherwise she's totally healthy and will be perfect once she puts some weight on.  As gorgeous as she is now I can't wait to see her filled out.  :D

I'm so happy for my best friend!  She has been waiting so long for this.  :D  And because she's awesome she let me realize one of my dreams!  I got to ride her beautiful new mare!!  I wasn't wearing a helmet because I didn't bring it with me (hour drive), not knowing I would get to ride.  I was only on her for a few minutes, but wow her walk is huge!  So much reach.  She trotted a couple of strides, but I stopped her because her backbone stands up a bit and hurt bareback LOL!  Notice she's in a halter?  She's awesome!

Sorry the pictures totally suck.  My camera died so my husband was using some tablet thing from work.  I'll get better pictures someday when I get to ride her again (after she's put on weight) and I'll wear a helmet next time I promise!!

She is so gorgeous!!  Check out the pictures I took below.

She has a lot of knee action at the trot.  I love it!   

 I LOVE this!  I love her feathers!

 This one is my favorite!  She has so much reach behind.  

Super trot!  I wish it wasn't blurry.  It's so hard to photograph a black horse!

I'm so happy for my friend and so thankful she gave me the opportunity to ride this wonderful mare!  I will definitely be sharing more about her on this blog in the future.  :D  My best friend and I actually call each other aunts to our pets hehe, so I'll definitely be posting more about my niece Z!


  1. She is stunning, congrats to your friend & lucky you getting a spin - what a pet!

  2. WOW she's absolutely gorgeous! Lucky you! :)

  3. She is beautiful! I am so happy for you and your friend.

  4. Wow, congrats for you and your friend, I love Fresians too!

  5. This made me think of you - for your friend's horse or Faran?

  6. Thanks guys!

    Lytha, I'll have to show that to her. It would be so pretty on her mare. :D

  7. How exciting!! You looked great on her, too.

    I got the opportunity to ride my friend's Friesian mare in November. What a thrill! I loved how comfortable she was, and the way she moved, and her tall erect neck and head in front of me. Such gorgeous horses!


  8. Congrats to your best friend and hooray for you!


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