Thursday, February 27, 2014

I miss her.... (also funny story about Chrome)

I went out to feed the horses this evening and Chrome was being a butt!  He tried to push by me to get to his feed, so I chased him off.  He turned away and bucked in my direction.  He wasn't trying to kick me, but it was still a threat nonetheless, so I took the feed out of the round pen where I feed him (to keep the others from stealing it).  I went and got my longeing whip and then sent him around the round pen.  He bucked again in my direction so I snapped the whip in the air and chased him off aggressively.  He trotted around the pen.  GORGEOUS trot!!  I wish I'd had it on video.  So floaty!

As he was coming around the yard side Jackal, who had been standing there unnoticed, gave an excited bark.  Chrome spooked so violently sideways that his feet slipped out from under him and he fell on his side.  My jaw was on the floor as he jumped back to his feet and trotted off.  I don't know if he thinks Jackal threw him or if he thinks I threw him but he was rattled.  Afterwards it was kind of funny and I was joking that 50 pound Jackal threw my 1000+ pound horse to the ground lol.

Chrome trotted off completely normal so I'm hoping he didn't hurt himself when he fell (he seems totally fine even later, but I'll be anxious to check on him in the morning).  So when Chrome finally stopped I lowered the whip and talked to him as I approached him.  He started to bolt, but I grabbed his nose and he stopped.  I flicked the whip gently over his back on both sides until he calmed down.  Once he'd lowered his head and relaxed I put the whip up and got his feed bucket.  I dropped the bucket on the ground like I do everyday and he followed me over there.  I turned around and asked him to back up.  He backed up calmly.  I told him to whoa and he stopped.  This is the point where he normally throws his head around and tries to go around me (which is why I chased him off in the first place), but this time he just stood there looking at me with his ears pricked (as opposed to ugly pinned ears he normally makes), so I walked away and he calmly walked to his bucket to eat.  I think he needed that attitude adjustment!!!!  Thank you Jackal for your training help.  :)


  1. What a good story, love those kind of "helps"!

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  3. Oh Chrome, sonetimes horses are their own worst enemies.

  4. sounds like a good lesson for Chrome! Jackal makes a good training assistant. :)


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