Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Snow Pictures!

Did I ever mention that the gate in the above photo was made by me and dad when I was a kid?  We welded it out of black square tubing.  :)

Okay so my pictures of Faran still wouldn't upload correctly.  I tried everything!  So I finally gave up and went back outside yesterday to take more pictures.  They all turned out great and uploaded great, so I have absolutely no idea what was wrong with the others I took...  anyway did I ever mention that it's really hard to take pictures of a black horse in the snow??  It is! I hope you enjoy them.  :D

 A lot of them turn out as silhouettes because he's so dark.  
Oh well, that's a super gorgeous silhouette.  :D

 Hubby finally pulled all of his mane over to the side it normally lays on.  :)
Check out his muddy ear lol!

I tilted the camera again... :-/
Check out those tree trunk legs though (and his feathers)!
I love how much bone draft horses have.

I crouched down for the last one so I could get the trees behind him.

Eating snow from hubby's hand.

Impersonating a Friesian again hehe.

His back is so dirty LOL!  Mud doesn't stop this boy from rolling and scratching his back.  :)

It was funny because when I first saw how dirty his back was I thought someone had been riding him!  You know how if you ride a horse and don't brush it after the dirt comes to the surface on their backs.. then I realized that it was from rolling.  :)  I'm just paranoid because a friend of mine found out that kids were riding her horses...... that would make me so angry!

And because you're never lonely with a pocket pony, here are some pictures of Mr. Busybody.  :)


 Yawning.  I love how you can see his dished face against Faran's black coat.

These next two pictures cracked me up.  My hubby was leaning against a tree and Chrome walked over to him and leaned his head into his chest for hugs.


 It's hard to tell but he has his forehead against my hubby's shoulder and his nose tucked back along his chest.  So cute!
 And last a sneak around pocket check!  Told you he is a pocket pony.  :D
And very brown in these pictures for some reason......

So I'm not upset that Faran's pictures messed up because these are even cuter to make up for it.  My boys are so handsome!  Now the snow is melting and turning into lakes of mud....... yay......not!


  1. Once again, Chrome is a big goof. I love it.

    Mango Momma

  2. It's hard to get a good photo of a black horse in any light. I always end up with black blobs, or weird shadows, or very bizarre photos...

  3. Very fun pics in the snow. Are you guys trying to keep Faran then? Stay warm:)


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