Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Snow!

We got more snow!  How weird is this??  I'm so not used to all of the ice and snow.  :)  Anyway the horses were being extremely uncooperative for a snowy photo op.  All they wanted to do was stand by the gate staring at the feed shed longingly (from the hoof prints in the snow it looks like they did their playing while I was still sleeping hehe), so I had to bribe Chrome to follow me out in the pasture with some hay pellets, so I could get pictures with snow and not buildings in the background lol.  I managed to get some pretty good ones.  Not many action shots because the ground is frozen solid and I didn't want him trotting around on it.

 For some reason the photos uploaded.... poorly.  Some of them are okay, but the one above looks like crap compared to the original.  I have no idea why it happened.  I had to delete the photos of Faran because they were so pixelated and blurry...  I even tried uploading them again and it did the same thing.  So I'm going to try posting his tomorrow.  I don't know if it's blogger or my computer... anyway here are the pictures that uploaded okay.

Walking by my shoulder.  I cut his ears and mohawk out of the frame because I couldn't see the screen.  I was holding the camera out with my hand opposite him since he was so close to my side.  If I had taken it normally all you would have seen is an eye or a cheek lol.

Zep just wanted me to come back and feed him lol.  I tilted the camera in this picture.  Actually I tilted the camera in several of them... :(  I just don't take good pictures when I'm freezing LOL!

 He lagged behind and then trotted to catch up and I managed to get this one.  I like how it turned out.  Too bad there is a donkey plastered to his windshield... err I mean his nose hehe!

Silly boy knew I had hay pellets in my pocket so he was offering all of his tricks!  He was smiling, lowering his head, shaking his head, etc.  Everything he could think of to earn a treat.  I think he misses our clicker training.  

 So then I had to give some pellets to my husband because Chrome was glued to my side and I couldn't get any pictures of him.  He didn't believe us that my hubby had pellets too.  He was convinced I was the only one.  Of course I'm the one who trains him so I can't really blame him.  We did eventually convince him to follow my husband.  :)

 But every time I would crouch down to get a picture he would come back to see what I was doing!  Makes taking pictures very difficult Chrome!!

 I got a few poses when he would get distracted by something.  :D  The brown in his coat shows up so much when there is a white background.

 I zoomed out a bit to show the pretty snowy trees.  :)

 I LOVE this one, although the quality sucks from the upload.. don't understand what happened..  in fact this one is my new desktop background on my computer and it looks amazing.  :D  He's not that butt high by the way.  He's standing on a slope.

He's so cute!  I was getting frustrated because he wouldn't get away from me so I was jumping up and down, swinging my arms and yelling... he just stood there and stared at me with this expression LOL!

Finally!  Got some distance between us and snagged this one.  I LOVE it! 

 Then he was right by my side again so I crouched down and got some shots from different angles.  

I love that three of my boys are in this one!  Chrome, Jackal and hubby!  I tilted the camera, but hubby says it looks artistic.  He's right.  I like it!  :D

 Walking back toward me.  Chrome was watching Jackal off to the left of the picture.

 I like this one because it gives some perspective on how small Jackal actually is.  He's only nineteen inches at the shoulders and Chrome is 15.2hh.  :)  Oh and Chrome won't kick, but I do try to keep Jackal from walking behind him... he doesn't always listen!

 The boys saying hi!  That's Chrome's "I wanna stomp it, play with it and destroy it" expression.  My dogs have good reason to be leery of the horses.  Storm won't even go with me in the pasture anymore because of Zep, but Jackal is always by my side for photo shoots.

 I was so excited about the above photos because the neighbor's horse neighed so Chrome stopped and looked alert!  Score!

 My boys.  The reason Chrome's ears are pinned....

 ... is because hubby was playing with Chrome's lips.  :)  

 I finally got sick of him wandering back to the feed shed so I let him out in the yard, knowing he would explore.  :D

And he found grass under the snow hehe.  Happy pony!

I got a couple of pictures of him cantering and trotting in the yard (the ground is flat and softer in the yard), but they turned out horribly blurry so I didn't post them.  He was feeling spunky, but I made him settle down and graze a while before putting him back in the pasture.  :)

Anyway I hope you like the pictures.  Chrome was very uncooperative, but very handsome so it all worked out.  :D  I'm going to try to figure out what's wrong with Faran's pictures so I can post them tomorrow.  Later!


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