Sunday, November 17, 2019

Chrome in Action!

I decided to practice taking action shots with my DSLR camera... I've never taken action shots with a manual focus.  It is SO hard!!  I'm not fast enough, but even though some of these were fails, I still love how a lot of them turned out.  Chrome is SO gorgeous and such a good model. He was feeling his oats today!!  I hope you enjoy them and if you have any tips for my next try please share them.  I'm still using the automatic setting which is why some of white balance is off, but I really wanted to just practice with the focus without complicating things.

Focus fail, but he's so cute!

He looked like a racehorse.  I don't think I ever realized how fast he is!

An improvement.  I love how he's backlit.

Focus was off on this one because he came closer and I wasn't fast enough.

These were awful, but I like his silhouette so I made an artsy collage.

I wish there was a way to edit this one so it looks better, but this is the best I could do.  I couldn't leave it out though because his trot is amazing!  All four feet are off the ground.  Look at the reach behind.  He isn't reaching in the front because he was transitioning to canter, but I still love it.

Another one that looked better in black and white.  This one looks magical.  Click to enlarge.

 I swear if he wasn't DNA tested half Friesian I would think he's pure Arabian at times.

 He was really digging in and launching himself.

 At liberty half pass??  Pasture dressage?  Hehe!

 Again.... didn't realize how fast he was.  He was flying!

 Did this one in black and white for fun.  Compare to above in color.

 I think this one is my favorite.  He is so pretty!

 I got almost the same stride in the two above.

 Again look at the reach.

 That's all for now.  I wish more of them had turned out.  I just need more practice. :)  Let me know which one is your favorite and please share any tips for taking action shots with a manual focus.  Thanks in advance!


  1. My favorite photo is also yours. The ones of him full-out running are amazing, I can imagine how fast he flew by you. I'm also jealous that you have such a level pasture. My animals are always either going up or going down *lol* What made Chrome run around like that? Dogs?

    1. He was just frisky and playing. He hasn't been on that back pasture since the founder scare because of the grass so he was excited to be back out there. Nothing was chasing him. My pasture is much flatter than yours but not as flat as it looks. There is definitely a slope to the whole thing. In fact when I was a kid I used to get inside of a barrel and roll down the hill for fun..... No clue why because it hurt lol. I noticed on my favorite picture that he's counter cantering... Grr! I still love it though.

  2. I'm sorry I just saw this. Thank you so much!!


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