Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chrome's Fourth Ride! (video!)

I really need to attach the headstall to the noseband so the reins won't slide back!

He did so well!  There's a surprise in the video too.  :D

If you can't view videos on YouTube, watch it here on Photobucket (

He's so cute!!  Sorry I had to cut so much out of the video.  We kept talking about things (personal life) that can't be posted on a public blog.  We'll try not to talk next time lol.


  1. I have to admit that I would not have the patience for clicker training while riding. You do an amazing job, though! He figured out that you wanted him to walk with his neck long very quickly. He is a fun little guy!

  2. Huge improvement over the first couple of tries. He is really getting it. Such a clever chap.

    SQUEEEEE! Hehehe.

    Mango Momma

  3. Everything seems to be working. I am just amazed, though, at how many treats he gets. Is that really what clicker training is all about? (I am not being snotty, I really don't know). I will have to google it. My QH (or my 1/2 Friesian) would NEVER get their mind on business and off of treats. Isn't the clicker supposed to be the award of a job well done and an occasional treat. I would like to see if he would put forth the effort without so many treats... or is that what you do eventually.

    :) Thanks, (as I know you will answer :)

  4. Have you considered teaching Chrome a one rein stop instead of pulling back on both reins at once? Later you can use is as a half halt also. Just a thought. You guys looks super and are having fun!!!!!!!!!


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