Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good News!!

 Crappy picture I know, but wanted you to see for yourself how alert and happy they are.  :)

Good news!!! Purina called back and said they will be fine because it was an isolated incident. It's being fed too much over an extended period of time that is dangerous. There is only so much the gut will allow to absorb in such high doses (especially with the oil), so they are safe as far as the vitamin/mineral overdose goes. Now we will just continue to keep an eye on them for colic or founder. So far so good. They are happy (well they are pissed about being locked up) and behaving normally. :D  They are eating hay, drinking, peeing and attacking their salt block with vigor.  :)  Thank you for the comments and well wishes everyone.  I really appreciate all of you.  I will keep you updated over the next couple of days since he said it will be Thursday before they are completely past the danger of colic and founder.  

P.S.  Zep is behind them.  You can't see him because of ginormous Faran.  ;)


  1. I am so happy to hear this! They certainly look happy and healthy. I'm sure they'll be fine. For every horse I know that has foundered or colicked from getting into the feed, I also know 2 or 3 who've done the same thing and been fine.

  2. So glad to hear everyone seems to be feeling fine! I know I would have been having a major freakout (Dee colicked because they accidentally fed her 1# of oats instead of her Enrich 32, I can't imagine if she went and pigged out on a bag of feed). Sending them all healthy wishes!

  3. Good to hear!! What a scary night!
    They both look good in the pic :)

  4. Eeeek! I had this happen with Salem once; the other part-boarder didn't lock the feed shed and Salem ate something like 15 pounds of Purina Senior (which is not what he normally eats, either). Thankfully, he was fine, but I was one worried mama.

    I would get some activated charcoal to give in future (which hopefully won't happen!)--it will absorb any toxins that the gut releases, which will reduce the risk of laminitis. I believe Dynamite clay and diatomaceous earth also absorb toxins, so those are also an option.

    And, whenever there's a risk of developing laminitis, THE best thing to do is put the hooves in an ice/water slurry of approx. 60% ice and 40% water--studies have shown that it's better at thwarting laminitis than any drug. Hopefully you're already past the danger zone now, but I would get some dry sacks and work on getting your boys used to having their hooves in them, at least with cold water, so they know the feeling and don't panic in an emergency. (You can get the dry sacks at an outdoor or sporting goods store, or some Walmarts).

    Glad your boys seem to have pulled through alright! :-) It's pretty nerve-wracking being a horse owner, isn't it ?!

  5. That is absolutely terrifying! So glad the little piggies are doing OK.

  6. Sorry I missed your previous post. It must have been horrible for you and so frustrating not to be able to get a vet out right away. Glad everybody is feeling OK and that you got the all clear from Purina.

    Mango Momma

  7. That's great news! So glad to see they're looking well :)


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