Monday, May 7, 2012

12 Days Until Our First Ride Countdown

 Yay, Allison from Adventures with Shyloh asked, "What kinds of things do you plan on doing with Chrome once you start riding?"  That's such a fun question! Thanks Allison!!  I have a lot of dreams for Chrome.  I hope to spend the next 24 to 27 years with him, building a strong bond and trust in each other.  I plan to try a little bit of everything with him (within his physical abilities since he is club footed and post legged).  My main objectives with him are dressage and competitive trail riding.  I doubt I will compete in dressage except for a schooling show or two at my old barn because it's expensive.  The competitive trail riding I plan to do a lot more of once he's old enough (he has to be five to compete) and once I have the money to do it.  It can be expensive too, but since trail riding (and overnight horse camping) is going to be our main goal in life we should have just about everything we need.  I think a new horse trailer and a saddle will be the most expensive lol!

Something my husband and I both really want to do is take the horses to SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism - events.  I would especially love to try mounted archery (and mounted shooting!) along with all of the other equestrian events they hold at SCA events.  :)

Another thing I really, really hope to try with him someday is driving.  I've always thought it would be sooo much fun to learn, but it will be a while because I don't have a harness, carriage or the know-how to do/teach it.  Someday though we will do it.  :D  I also want to ride him on the beach someday because that would just be a dream come true.  Other little things I would like to do are to take him on a cattle drive and ride him in our local Christmas parade.  :)

I think our ultimate goal is to develop such a strong bond and understanding with each other to eventually ride bareback and bridleless.  That would be the most awesome accomplishment ever.  I've ridden horses bareback and bridleless before, but it was just while they grazed.  I've never had one who knew how to  move off of the leg or worked in a cordeo before.  And of course we will continue clicker training and I want to teach him lots of adorable tricks.  :D  So how is that for a really long answer Allison??  LOL!

Okay, here are the pictures from June/July 2010.  :)

 Playing with (destroying) a box.

Love that neck!!

 One of my favorite pictures.  Tail hugs for the donkey!!

 Great stretch!  I love how bright his teeth are against his wet fur.

Rolling in the hay!

 He got sooooo bleached out that first summer!  Knowing what I know now I wonder if it was a mineral deficiency . . . considering he never bleached out that bad after he started eating Enrich 32 (a ration balancer).

 This picture is so cute!!  He stole a sign when we walked by lol.

 Chasing the chickens lol.

 Please enlarge this one and look at his lips!  Hilarious!

Beautiful trot!

 And just for comparison of how much they change in two years.
July 2010 as a yearling.

April 2012 as an almost three year old.

When I do his progress report this month I will show a picture of him from each year so you can see the changes.  It's been so much fun watching him grow and change.  I've loved every second of it!

Oh I also wanted to mention if you or anyone you know is looking for a really awesome Haflinger please check out Janine's blog here (  She has to sell Kaspin and would like everyone to spread the word.  Kaspin needs someone experience and patient because he needs someone who can help keep him confident.  Thanks you!


  1. Very cool! I am excited for your adventures with Chrome and can't wait to read about overnight horse camping!

  2. You will have fun with overnight camping. I did it once with a bunch of friends back in 2010 but haven't had much of a chance to do it since.

  3. He is such a gorgeous horse; you must be a proud mama!

  4. i took baasha and princess buttercup (my lease endurance horse) to an SCA event and learned how to use a wooden sword to knock the heads off "the enemy" at a trot: )I wore a burlap dress and a straw hat: ) troxel helmets so ruin the look of period clothing.

    i hope you get to do it someday. he may look great in blue now, but someday he'll look great in red.

    i loved your first ride video and hope it continues to go so smoothly with him. i think it will because you've spent years getting him ready for this. i'm totally impressed!


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