Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Worst Night Ever!

I think tonight would count as one of the worst nights of my life.  :(  I didn't realize my husband had stacked some Enrich 12 in the paddock we aren't using and covered it with a tarp . . . and I turned the horses out over there to graze.  They busted open a bag and ate over 50 pounds of Purina Enrich 12 between the three of them.  I have no idea who ate the most.  It scares me so bad because you're only supposed to feed 1-2 pounds a day because of the vitamin/mineral content!  I'm so scared of vitamin/mineral toxicity and founder.  :(

I called seven different vets last night and only one answered (the rest NEVER even called me back when I left a message!!!!).  The one who answered had been on call all day/night and had to be at the clinic at 6am, so he couldn't come out.  He talked it over with us and told us if we couldn't get anyone to bring them in at 8am.  I was up all night.  I couldn't sleep.  All I could do was cry, worry and stress.  :(

This morning we took Chrome to the vet (couldn't catch Zep and Faran won't fit on our trailer although we will borrow a trailer if he starts to show symptoms - we HAVE to get a new one!!!).  They were all acting completely normal and had no heat in their hooves.  The vet didn't seem too concerned because they were acting so well.  He said Chrome's temperature was normal, his heart rate was great and his gut noises were decent.  So he tubed mineral oil into his stomach and gave him Benamine.  He gave us enough Benamine to give the other two and told us to put them on a dry lot with only hay and water.

When we got home we put them in the round pen, gave Faran his Benamine (he did great!) and then cornered the donkey, ran him into the pen, cornered him against the fence and I grabbed his halter.  Thank goodness for that halter!!!!!  I put a rope on him and then while my husband held him I gave him the Benamine.  He was shaking all over, but he actually did really well (well except for almost biting the tube in half lol).  I have to start working with him!!!!  Now they are all happily eating hay, acting completely normal.  Their hooves are still cool with no strong digital pulse.  I'm going to keep soaking Chrome and Faran's hooves when I give them their Benamine and wash Chrome's haunches since the oil will give him diarrhea.

I'm so stressed, miserable and I feel so guilty!!  I should have checked the paddock better.  :(  I feel like it's all my fault and I will never forgive myself if something happens to Chrome.  The vet said we should be out of danger by Thursday, so I will keep you all updated.


  1. I am sure all will be well. I'll be looking for updates....<3

  2. So far, so good. I had a horse escape and get into all kinds of food--just a few months after he recovered from laminitis, and he was fine. Prompt action makes a difference--and they all got their banamine quickly.

    Don't beat yourself up--it doesn't do any good. We all make mistakes. Learn from them and move on--don't dwell on them. Just don't look back once you learn the lesson--you don't need to.

  3. We all make mistakes but it seems that so far everyone is doing fine. You handled it promptly and treated them so it should be okay. Don't feel guilty stuff happens.

  4. Sounds like things will be fine. You found out about the issue quickly and got right on it. I'm hoping that the fact that Enrich 12 is very low NSC will work in your favor.

  5. I am with Judi...crap happens and don't beat yourself up. I am also sure they will be fine and they all got treated fast. Nice job on the donkey!!! Hang in there and smiles!

  6. That's so scary, but you shouldn't beat yoursel fup about it. You're doing what you can and so far the animals don't seem any worse for the wear. :)

  7. At least you acted quickly and got Chrome out to the vet. I think they will probably be fine, especially because the feed is low sugar.

    Keep them hydrated and they should flush out the minerals and water soluble vitamins.

  8. Don't feel guilty, we all do the best we can do, and sometimes with adventurous animals these things happen. You clearly love your animals and acted quickly so have nothing to feel bad for. Glad they're all acting well and will hope it continues :)


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