Friday, May 4, 2012

15 Days Until Our First Ride Countdown

 Wow, it is so hard to choose what photos to post!!  Anyway I'm going to make this short because I have a killer headache.  I have two more questions from appydoesdressage from Musings from LogDog Ranch.  If I don't get anymore questions I'll try to think of stories to tell or maybe I'll share stories from his training journal.  :)

First, she asked,"What has been your biggest training accomplishment so far, before riding him? What was your biggest setback? Was Chrome able to overcome the setback?"  After thinking long and hard on this I think I've come up with an acceptable answer.  First off is our biggest accomplishment.  I wanted to jokingly answer "keeping him alive so far" simply because I've been the panicky, anxious first time mommy to him since I got him at five months old because for all intents and purposes he is my first ever weanling to raise.  We've been through escapes, breaking into the feed shed, multiple injuries and illnesses, all sorts of things I never even dreamed of when I got him and we've come through it all a lot wiser and stronger.

All joking aside though, I would say our biggest accomplishment is our clicker training.  I've clicker trained dogs before, but Chrome is my first horse to clicker train.  I may be taking credit for his natural personality, but I really do attribute clicker training to his amazingly laid back ability to accept new things.  Everything I present him he just acts like "Okay mom, this is cool.  Show me what to do and let's do it".  I can only hope that continues through our riding journey together.  :)

As for our biggest setback . . . there haven't been a lot.  Hauling in a trailer is the biggest one that comes to mind, especially the day his rope got hung up and he panicked (see video here), but we're in the process of overcoming it because as you noticed in the recent post about him getting his teeth pulled he safely hauled to and from the vet clinic.  I think the biggest thing holding us back on hauling is my fear and anxiety.  When I was a kid the only time we ever hauled a horse was to bring one home or sell it.  We had the vet come to us for everything and we didn't compete so we had no need to haul.  I've also heard a ton of horror stories.  Those two things combined just make me a total mess when it comes to hauling.  I think Chrome picks up on that fear too.  So I wouldn't say that we've totally overcome that setback because I still have anxiety and he still comes off in a nervous sweat, but we're getting there.

 Anyway my head is pounding so I'll get to her other question tomorrow.  Sorry guys.  Remember you can ask questions about Chrome, Faran and Zep and you can ask about my horsey past too.  :)  Thanks guys!  You're all making this a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures. 

 Chrome and Galaxy (his original companion) playing in their new barn!

 Because he liked to play hard to catch when I brought him home he had to eat his breakfast and dinner tied up.

 We spent a lot of time trying to find treats he liked so we could start clicker training.  
This is when he first decided Nicker Makers were good lol. 

 His first snow.  

 He LOVES playing with sticks and his toys.

 Chrome with Galaxy, his original companion, a two year old grade filly.  
We had to rehome her because she hurt him and was a dangerous kicker.


 Playing with the neighbor's horse Two Socks (we think they sold him, so sad!).


I can't wait to hear all of your questions.  I'll try to find some interesting stories to share tomorrow too.  :)

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