Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

Date: 5-19-12 (okay so I'm posting several days late lol)
Height: 15.1¾hh (technically 13/16 so a little over three quarters)
Height Gain: He didn't grow any.  :(
Weight: His heart girth measurement is 70 and his length measurement is 72, so according to the Equine Weight Calculator he weighs 1069lbs.
Weight Gain: He didn't gain any weight either.

Progress: I RODE my horse finally!!!!  If you missed the post check it out here!

Goals: Now that things are settling down a little I hope to start working with him more.  I'm not going to ride him too much since he's not done growing and all of the growth plates are still not closed in his spine.  For a really interesting article on the hardening of growth plates in horses check out this site (

I would really like to start some light longeing with him so I can teach him to long line and them ground drive.  He needs to learn how to steer, so that I have more say so in our rides lol.  In our mounted sessions I'm going to keep working on a go button and then work on whoa (not really picking directions or steering much at this point).

I also want to start going on hand walks again and do our equine pilates so help him build strength and become more supple.  I know those aren't really specific goals, but it's just the natural progression of our training.  Once we get past the really baby lessons I can focus on more specific goals.  :D




I miss that thick stallion neck!



And just for fun a conformation comparison over the years!

5 Months

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years


It has been sooooo much fun watching him grow over the years!  I still can't believe I've had him for just over two and a half years and yet it feels like I've had him forever lol.  Crazy how that works huh?  I've enjoyed the last two and a half years and I can't wait to see what fun adventures we get to have from here on out.  Thanks for following along over the years guys!  Your comments, advice and questions are what keeps me blogging.  :D


  1. Thank you for the most interesting report and all the great photos! You're doing so very well, Chrome!

    Thank you also for the link to the most excellent article on rate of growth and using the horse whilst still very young.

  2. Sounds like you've got a good plan. I like looking at how he has changed over the years.

    I can't believe he's 3 already and you had the first ride. Where does the time go?


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