Friday, May 18, 2012

Less than a day to go until our first ride!!!!

 Sorry I never did finish the countdown.  I got really, really, really busy!!!  Chrome got a bath in preparation for our big day tomorrow.  I think he looks awesome and I hope he stays that way until the party lol.  I'm only going to have an hour after work to get ready tomorrow before people start arriving eek!  I wish I could have had the day off.  Sheesh.  Anyway these pictures were taken with my cell phone so they aren't great, but enjoy them anyway hehe!

 He was swiping at flies so it's blurry, but I LOVE his neck and how it shows his changing color so well.

 His mane is getting so white.  I wish it would grow long by his withers like it is by his face.
Did I mention I had a dream about having to completely shave off his mane before the party and I cried (in the dream, not while awake lol)!

 Handsome boy!  He's almost turning into a rose gray because he's bleached out already lol.

This one is overexposed and blurry, but too funny not to share.  He's itchy because of the ticks!  I feel bad because I forgot to fly spray (kills ticks too) him!  Poor guy.

Anyway look for an update and pictures on Sunday evening!  Sorry I can't get them posted before then.  Working sucks lol.  Thanks for following along on our journey the last two and a half years.  I think some of you are as excited as I am for tomorrow.  It's been a long wait lol.  Night guys!!


  1. Good luck I hope you have a fantastic ride! Looking forward to an update

  2. I love how he's changing colors. I always dreamed of having a dark horse with a white mane and tail and he's almost it. When I bought Annie as a four year old she was steel gray with black mane and tail and dark legs. He looks just the opposite except for the legs.

    Can't wait to hear how your ride goes.

  3. I can't wait! Good luck!

    Mango Momma

  4. Can't wait for the update :D
    Chrome has really changed colour since you first got him, been very interesting to see him grow into such a handsome guy :)

  5. Rose Gray is lovely. And his tail is like spun silk!


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