Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Exciting Chrome Cordeo Training Video!!!

I'm so excited!!  I had my first ever cordeo training session with Chrome yesterday!!  And it went so fantastic!  If you don't know what a cordeo is, it is basically just a rope that goes around their neck.  Here is a nice, short article that I like explaining why to use a cordeo (  For our first session we worked on backing and he did so well!  I was using really, really light pressure with the cordeo and he was responding so well.  Backing up is not his most favorite activity so I'm very happy with how quickly he figured it out.  I'm going to keep working on backing (and try to get his head down in a more relaxed position), then work on steering (like neck reining).  Eventually I will start to use it under saddle (uh bareback?).  I'm so excited.  I think this will help him make the transition a lot easier.  :D

And don't worry, I did get video.  Check it out!

If you can't see YouTube videos check it out here on photobucket:  And a couple of pictures for people who can't watch the videos. :)

I lift the cordeo and use gentle pressure to ask him to back up.

 He responds by easily backing up four to six steps at a time.

 We stop for our treat.

 And then I ask again. (He looks so butt high because he's facing downhill.)

 We also worked on head lowering.  I still cue from light pressure halfway down his crest, but he also lowers his head when I gently rest my hand on his poll to remove his halter.  :)

And after all our work (play!) is done we end with a smile!!


  1. I totally want to do this with Pippi but with a bridle on and me riding. Looks like so much fun. Chrome did awesome.

  2. Way to go! I've been wanting to try this with Baron.


  3. Cool and fun! What did you use as your cordea? It is cute:)

  4. Janine, that was just a pair of braided nylon reins that I looped through itself lol. I was in a hurry and hadn't made one yet so that worked. :D

  5. What a smart horse he is! He's going to be a fantastic riding horse. You should be very proud :)

  6. Did not know it was called a cordeo. I always called it Ozzy's necklace.

  7. LOL Dom! Yeah it's official name is cordeo, but a lot of people just call them neckropes hehe. :D

  8. Awesome video! I love the way you just hold and wait, giving him all the time he needs to work out what to do and organise himself, without upping the pressure. Brilliant!! The only other thing I would do is give a momentary release on the cordeo after each front foot moves, so I was connected to every footfall.

    The reason he's struggling with hills is because it takes youngsters a long time to adjust their balance to cope with carrying a rider. It's also quite scary for them every time your balance shifts even slightly as it throws them off balance which isn't something they're used to and a prey animal relies on being balanced and in control of their own body and movement.

    I think you're both doing brilliantly in such a short time and next year, when he's more mature and experienced, he'll come on in leaps and bounds (hopefully not literally, unless you want to showjump!!).

  9. I never heard of a cordeo before- what an interesting and appealing way to train!


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