Monday, June 4, 2012

Good News!

Okay, I told myself not to worry because it was probably a stone bruise, but I still worried myself sick over Chrome's limping.  Good news though!  He's not limping at all today.  :D  So I was right, it probably was just a bruise.  I'm so happy.  I'm going to ride him for about five minutes tomorrow (on soft ground with no rocks) just to see how he does.  He also has his hooves trimmed tomorrow so we will see what my awesome farrier thinks.  I'll try to start posting again soon too.  I've been working a lot the last two weeks and just haven't felt like it.  :)


  1. We are so sorry Chrome is limping. Arty has gone missing and we are very worried about her. It has been two weeks today.

    Hope the ride goes well tomorrow.

  2. Sending positive thoughts that it was just a bruise and that your ride goes well!

  3. i'm hoping he's feeling better by now.

    i'm interested in a horse who has a hind end very much like chrome. i know you've spoken of chrome's conformational issues before and i wonder if you can tell me more.

    how has trimming affected his rear leg angles? have you been told to use sports medicine boots?


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