Monday, June 25, 2012

Mud Art & Fly Mask

 A good friend of mine gave me one of her old fly masks for Chrome so that he will have something to protect his eyes from debris when riding in the trailer.  I went out to see if it would fit and found this . . .

 Gross, muddy ponies playing in the pond!

Normally when they are in the pond and see me they come to me and stop playing.  This time they stayed in the pond and I got video!!  Something really cute happens and it's short so please watch!

If you can't watch YouTube videos you can see the video on Photobucket here:

So after they'd had their fun I tried the fly mask on Chrome.

 It fit perfectly! And it has blue on it lol.

Notice how muddy he got?  That is important in just a second.  
How does the fly mask look?  I forgot to pull his forelock out of it lol.

 Chrome wasn't too sure about it, but he got over that quickly.
He was so good about letting me put it on and only tried to rub it off once.

Okay, now on to the mud art part I mentioned in the title.  Below is our "clean" canvas of mud . . .

And below is my mud art. He was so coated in it I was able to draw his name on his side!!


My mom said I should have written "wash me" lol.  I probably should have.  :D


  1. Well, you won't have any problem getting them to cross water, but you'll definitely have to stay alert in case they roll in it. That's some pretty thick mud.

  2. That is awesome! I love how Chrome has to lay in the mud water in the exact same spot as Faran!

  3. Lol! I love Chrome's beauty spa mudpack, he looks like the masked avenger in his fly mask, looking out for his buddies Faran and Zep :D

  4. Awh, your boys are so lucky to have their own personal pond to cool off in, any time they want:) FUN!!

  5. By the way, on my last post on my blog I posted 4 Pat Parelli videos. You might want to watch them? It gives in insight of the Parelli program. Since you sometimes ask why I do the things I do:) They're very cool videos. Ok, have fun!!!!!


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