Thursday, June 21, 2012

Driving Mr. Faran

 Some of you might have noticed something in the above picture from my post on the nineteenth (see here:  Faran is wearing a bit!!  Want to know why he's wearing a bit?

First off, check out this really cool, really old draft headstall we found last year . . . 

 Doesn't he look so handsome in it???  It just needs to be conditioned and oiled, but I sort of like the old weathered look against his black coat.  :)  We just need to find him a bigger bit.  It's too narrow by half an inch.  Anyone have a 6.5 inch bit they don't need anymore?  ;)

So anyway, here's what we were doing . .  .
 Ground driving!!!

 My husband borrowed Chrome's surcingle and used his homemade driving reins with his antique headstall and did some ground driving with Faran.  They look so cute together.  :D  

Faran definitely remembered how to drive, but he's still a little nervous about someone walking behind him.  It will just take some time and practice to get him used to it again.  I wish he'd never been mistreated.  Things would be so much easier.  However it is gratifying to be the one to teach him to trust again.  :) 

He looks so GOOD!!!!

 Look at how far under himself he steps.  :D

He did relax after a while.  

 So handsome!

 A little nervous again (but also listening really well).

 So powerful!

We kept the session short and positive.  In the above photo he is waiting for us to take his gear off.  Notice his relaxed leg?  Oh and he did a perfect ground tie while waiting for us to get his picture and "undress" him.  :D

I love this last picture.  It shows how big he actually is!!  I love that face!

We had so much fun and I can't wait to work on it again.  :D

P.S.  All of these photos were taken on the nineteenth of this month.


  1. You look fabulous on the long reins, Faran!

    Vidock and Violette

  2. Great job Faran! What a good boy :)

  3. If only all abused horses would find such a patient teacher.

  4. It's great to see Faran in action. Having a horse that big get nervous would make me nervous. I'm sure you'll gain his trust and have a calmer horse in no time.

  5. I think Faran wants to PULL! Right? Will you be planting cotton or corn? Hehehe.


  6. Faran is one handsome guy. Lovely pictures.


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