Friday, February 19, 2010

Monthly Progress Report - 2-19-10

Date: 2-19-10
Age: 9 months
Height: 13.1½hh (53.5in/136cm)
Height Gain: 1¼ inch
Weight: Approx 562lbs
Weight Gain: 32lbs

Progress: Chrome has grown one and a quarter inches this past month! That is way too much, too fast. I thought I was feeding conservatively, but I'm going to cut back on his feed a little more and add a vitamin/mineral supplement to prevent mineral imbalances. He's been shifting his weight between his rear legs which leads me to believe there is a bit of discomfort in them. I've also noticed heat in the rear fetlock joints after his rowdy play sessions, so I'm concerned about OCD lesions or other orthapedic problems. We're speaking to our vet about getting radiographs/x-rays of his fetlock joints, but it's going to be so expensive! I'll keep everyone updated, but please keep your fingers crossed that it isn't OCD, because that's a $3000 surgery! I'm also restricting his exercise so he can't stress his joints anymore than he already has. I'll walk him daily, but he can run and buck and play with Zeppelin right now. :( Please keep Chrome in your thoughts. Other than that he's doing fantastic. He isn't showing any signs of lameness other than the restless shifting.

Goals: My goal for this month is to get professional advice on his diet and exercise and to have his joints x-rayed. Also going to spend as much time with him and pray this isn't serious.


  1. My first non-medical thought is that he's just growing too fast. I hope my gut is right. What supplements to you give? We give Platinum and we actually SEE the difference within a few short weeks. No, Chrome is fine. I can't tell how big he is though. Do you guys measure in hands?

  2. Oh...I sure hope he's all right. You must be so worried.

  3. I really hope that all his test come out fine. Feeding those young-ins can be tricky.

  4. Oh my goodness, I hope the big guy is OK. Sore legs are certainly no fun. He looks very fuzzy with his winter furs.


  5. I'm sending you and Chrome lots of positive thoughts and hoping everything will be ok xx

  6. Mom said that she will definitely be praying that it is nothing serious and that he just kicked a bit to hard when he was bucking around. He is growing quickly, but isn't a lot of that in his breeding? Isn't that type of problem most usually in the front knee joint? Talking to someone about his diet and exercise is probably a good idea if only to ease your mind...

  7. This is my first time looking at Chrome's progress.
    What a good idea to start from the beginning. What are you feeding him? A lot of this can be controlled with diet. It's much better than the surgery route and could be doable. Don't worry too much until the vet gives you something to worry about.


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