Monday, February 15, 2010

Short Walk

Sorry no pictures, but I did take Chrome for another walk. My husband went but we only took Jackal because we were both tired. I haven't been sleeping well for a week or more because my husband is on night shift right now and a neighbor's dog has been coming into our yard at night disturbing my dogs and my sleep. Chrome gave Jackal a couple of ugly faces (like he wanted to chase or bite him?), but ignored him the rest of the time. They're so used to each other that they really could care less.

Chrome did great on his walk. I took him a different direction that he's never been. We went by a pasture with close to a dozen horses in it and he did great. He had his tail and head up, doing his show off prancing trot, but he listened to me when I told him to settle down. We only had to circle a few times when he would push into me or surge ahead. He did really well. I need to get a video sometime (waiting for better weather and day shift schedule for hubby) so you all can see how he does and give suggestions for anything I might not be seeing or I might be doing wrong.

We also passed a couple of crazy, barking dogs. He barely looked at them. We had one truck drive by and he barely glanced at it. He's getting a lot more confident and comfortable on our walks. He still gets excited, but when we start going more often he'll calm down some. I haven't done any clicker training (bad me) or anything because of the weather and my disturbed sleep schedule. I promise when I can feel my fingers again I'll start working on it. :) Later!


  1. Sounds awesome!

    I think it's great that you're taking him for walks. What a wonderful way for him to get use to dogs, trucks and everything else in the world. If he's already seen it all, then trail riding or horse shows or other exciting environments will be so much easier for him to adapt to.


  2. Sorry to hear you haven't been sleeping well. I used to have similar problems when my husband was on nights, so I really feel for you. I wouldn't worry about doing clicker if you're tired. We have some of our worst sessions if I'm tired and not able to concentrate properly, so now I just do nothing if I'm feeling like that.

    You are doing so well with Chrome's walks. I think going past other horses is always hard as it is a massive distraction but it sounds like you are doing really well keeping him focused. :)

  3. I can relate to the cold finger problem! I feel the same way. Fortunately, I trained Mingo to a tongue click, but when I help my sister with her horse with holding his feet up (farrier coming out Thursday--the big test) I have to take my gloves off for the clicking and treating. Ugh...

  4. Walks are such a great training tool!

  5. Wow, Chrome is doing superb for a baby. He passed the dog test... You said he gets excited not spooky. Nice, Chrome! I'm really looking forward to the video, whenever your time allows it.
    Get some rest :)

  6. Sounds like you are doing a great job. I did a lot of what you are doing when I was training my young foals and horses. Getting them used to anything and everything while they are young is a very wise step! I'll bet he is totally gorgeous when he is doing his prancing about and big snorts if he is nervous! I always loved to see them because they were so beautiful, but then I'd have to try to get them to stay calm instead of getting flustered, too.


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