Sunday, February 21, 2010

Belated Donkey Day - 2-21-10

Hey friends! My human has been under a lot of stress with Chrome's scare and with her job so I let her have my Saturday to give an update on Chrome, but I'm back today. Better late than never. Unfortunately my human didn't edit the pictures I was planning to use for my post, so instead I'll show you these from the snow storm. She was using an umbrella to keep the snow off of her camera. Chrome and I had never seen an umbrella before, but I was brave and decided to check it out. If Mom gets off her sorry butt and edits pictures maybe she can show you the pictures of Chrome looking at the umbrella tomorrow. Anyway, here they are.

I don't look impressed do I? I think I look downright handsome all covered in snow though. I'm glad it gone finally because us donkeys don't have coats built to withstand snow. We're from the desert you know!

Zep signing off!


  1. Umbrellas can be quite alarming, but you look to be a pretty level headed guy.


  2. You were sure great around that umbrella... at least in the pics here. Didn't Chrome see the umbrella in his What is Dat? post? Still, if you've got more pics of him looking at it and he's all hyped up, I'll bet they are really pretty! OC

  3. Great pictures Zeppelin, you are incredibly brave checking out that unmbrella!! :D

  4. No, Zep, I don't know much about donkeys whatsoever. Brrrr. You're the donkey version of me then? At least your mom doesn't try to put clothes on you.


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