Saturday, February 6, 2010

Donkey Day!

Hehaaaaaw! Hey guys! Zeppelin here. I just wanted to share a few things with you. There are a few things about my new home that are of a little concern to me. First of all this white stuff that falls from the sky! What is that? I originated in the desert pups and no white stuff ever fell on my ancestors. Can someone explain this cold, wet, uncomfortable thing to me?

Another thing is the chickens. They are driving me crazy! They're constantly coming into my barn, getting under my feet and laying eggs in my hay!! The nerve of them!

And the last, most important, thing of all is my new brother. I mean he's great and everything, but he's kind of a pest! I have to give him ugly ears and a lot of kick threats to get him to leave me alone sometimes. Other times he's fun to run and play with and we love playing bitey face.

Out in the white stuff the other day he was kind of being a pest though, chasing me and biting me and slamming his body into me. I know he was just wanting to play, but I was trying to figure out this white stuff so I gave him a kick and he left me alone. Mom said she would post a video of it tomorrow. :) You better check back because I need all the sympathy I can get. Maybe I should get a spiked halter so I can head butt him. :D

Led Zeppelin


  1. I think your brother is a TEENAGER! Watch out! He is pretty smart, though, he'll figure out what you mean when you don't want to play.


  2. Aww Zep. .. you are adorable! And Sophie and Dom both agree with you about the white stuff. Horses just don't understand, it's a donkey thag! :)

  3. We had a Shetland pony for my Peruvian as a buddy, but that shetland ended up running the show around here! Cory is just to sweet for his own good!

  4. Poor Zeppelin, I totally sympathise with you about the snow, I hate it too. I'm sure Chrome will soon get the message you don't want to play chase all the time :)


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