Sunday, February 7, 2010

Promised Video

Here is the video that Zep promised I would show you. The one of him being tortured by his evil little brother Chrome. :) It's really cute.

I love how at the end the neighbor's horse sees Zeppelin and spooks. :)


  1. That's cute!
    Chrome does like to play in place, with little rears and bucks, doesn't he?

  2. Hi dear....Lovely, sweet Chrome and so lovely your other blogs's a little while ago I discovered you following me and I really appreciate it; thank you!
    My tuscany is a little far from your wonderful place but I see we do have got a lot in common!

    have a great sunday!
    ciao ciao elvira

  3. So that is what they mean by horse play. What a goofball. I never knew that teenage horses were as annoying as teenage doggies.

    Looks to me like Zep is a guard donkey!


  4. Poor poor Zep, brothers can be madening. I'll swap you Bobo for Chrome for a while!


  5. Hello, I'm Twinkie, the tiny Chi. I saw your video thanks to my pal Mango and I wanted to check out your blog too. My pack and I are horse freaks. Our favorite pastime is visiting a horse barn filled with horses that are mostly rescues. Enough said, I'm following. Yay! Hope you don't mind
    Pleased to meet you,

  6. Oh what a cute video but poor Zep! I know how he feels, I get chased by Emilys horses too (if I'm naughty and get into their paddocks) My goodness that white stuff looks coooooold.


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