Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chrome Vs. Umbrella

Okay, sorry it took me an extra day to get the pictures edited. It's another one of those things I never catch up on. It seems like when I dedicate a day to catch up on editing pictures I get behind on reading blogs. When I try to catch up on reading blogs I fall behind on posting. When I catch up on posting I get behind on house work. How do I juggle it all?!

So anyway here are the pictures Zeppelin promised you. Chrome was approaching the umbrella while I was holding it as you saw in the What is dat?! post, but I wasn't able to give him a scratch to reassure him so I took the umbrella to his barn and put it on the ground so he could check it out. Here are the pictures.

"Whoa mom, whatcha got there?"

"There's a horse eating monster in my barn!"

I love the big, arched neck he gets when he's unsure of something.

Brave enough to reach out and give it a touch.

Visibly more relaxed.

And finally chewing on it. The ultimate sign of acceptance. :D

More chewing. Mouthy colt. :D

Last picture. I love his silhouette.


  1. Love how they're willing to explore, if no one forces them to - Dawn and I had a similar experience with a flapping plastic sign today - the pictures, if I had had a camera, would have been similar.

  2. I love the silhouette photo too. As a matter of fact I have a ton of photos taken from inside the barn isle looking out...

  3. You can sure see the Arab in that profile! I wonder if you will see it so much once he fills out and his neck thickens and muscles up more? I KNEW we would see some prettiness when Zep told us Chrome was going to meet an umbrella!

    As for the blogging, commenting, etc. THAT is where I find myself so many times. It DOES get hard and then I end up with a hubby talking about being a computer widower... :(

  4. Brilliant pictures, he's such a brave boy. You might have to get a new umbrella though if he keeps chewing, lol :)

  5. Hehehe. Yes, when something is scary it is important to stretch as far as possible to keep your back end away from the monster. I think that biting the umbrella showed it who is the big horse.


    P.S. My poor grandpa angus was terrified of unbrellas his whole life, even when they were closed!

  6. "And finally chewing on it. The ultimate sign of acceptance. :D"

    So true!!!

    cute photos.



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