Monday, February 13, 2012

Chrome lost a baby tooth (cap) and we got snow!!

Faran in the snow 2-13-2012.

We got snow! We only have about two inches so far so it's not covering everything, but we could get as much as four inches. I don't think snow is as pretty when it doesn't fully cover the grass, but with horses in the shots who cares about grass LOL! I've already taken 600 pictures today so far and plan on taking more so I'll post snow pictures over the next few days. First though, I want to talk about Chrome's teeth.

I use an umbrella when taking pictures in the snow to keep my camera from getting wet and Chrome loves playing with the umbrella. So while he was playing with it I managed to get this shot by accident . . .

He lost a cap (baby tooth)!! And the other front one is coming out soon from the looks of it. I've never seen a horse lose caps before so I have no idea if this is going normally . . . it looks so gross to me!! So for you experienced baby horse raisers, do they look normal? The dentist my farrier lined up bailed on us because he didn't want to work on my neighbor's draft horses and my trainer's awesome dentist isn't taking new clients . . . so she's asking him if he can make any recommendations. I really want his teeth looked at soon. I know it won't kill him, but if he is having a problem I want it taken care of asap. So anyway, I'm not worrying about it, I'm just trying to find a dentist.

Anyway I would love to hear everyone's opinions and be sure to keep an eye out for snow pictures and videos (Chrome and Faran playing!!!!) coming soon. :D

P.S. If you have a moment please look at the previous post and vote for Chrome in the Mango Minster. He's pretty excited. ;D


  1. Yikes, that looks pretty gross! I did a quick search and from what I could gather, he's at the right age to be doing this, but wow. (Sorry Chrome, I still think your beautiful)

  2. They look totally normal to me. Looks like the second one is about to pop off too. Extra grain or timothy pellets, etc. will help it come off sooner if you have a desire to speed up the pop off. So long as they come off on their own and don't get infected there is no reason to have the vet or dentist out. Also, you'll be amazed at how fast the adult teeth drop down once the cap if off!

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  3. LOL Mary, I don't think he's learned to whistle yet. :D

    DS, thank you for your comment. It makes me feel better. I'm still planning to have a dentist out because he hasn't been floated (can't find someone who will come out here unless they have a whole barn full to do, irritating!). It does look like the second one is about to pop off any second. :) This makes me wonder what the molars look like lol. Anyway thanks for the information!

  4. Ooh, a black horse in white snow. I haven't paid much attention to my horses' teeth replacement patterns. I do have one tooth that the vet gave me that fell off while he was doing a float. Most of the vets in our area are trained and certified in equine dentistry, but it is cheaper to go with just an equine dentist.

    That's what worried me about sharing farriers and vets and hay suppliers with neighbors... If the neighbors or their horses do something to ruin the relationship with the service providers, they won't come back to the entire neighborhood. Fortunately, my farrier stuck with me after having his bad experiences with my annoying neighbors. They still come to the fence and stare while he's trimming my horses' hooves. We just ignore them. They're probably wondering why he'll work with my horses and not theirs.

  5. Baby tooth pics crack me up. Love the neck in that first photo. Wow.

  6. Like DS says his teeth are fine as long as they don’t get infected, Murphy my welsh pony, is going to be losing his baby teeth fairly soon, his teeth are begining to look like Chrome’s teeth but are not so far into the process.

    Great photo of Faran in the snow I’ll look forward to seeing more snowy shots.

  7. Oh thank goodness I found your blog, I was just grooming my donkey Rosie today and I was shocked to see her front teeth so worn down. I thought there was something badly wrong. Am a little more reassured now but will keep a close eye on her.

  8. Welcome to my blog Liz! Your donkey is adorable!! How old is she? It's normal for them to lose baby teeth. :D


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