Monday, February 6, 2012

Quick Update

I wanted to make a quick update on the post I just made called Very Unhappy. We went out to feed the horses their dinner and everyone was in a much better mood. Faran was back to his usual self and Zep walked all the way into the round pen. I sat his bucket a little closer to the opening than I usually do and he walked right past it almost like he couldn't see it. The weird thing is he walked right over to the extra panel I put in for catching him and sniffed around. He didn't seem to associate the extra panel or the small space with getting caught. It was really weird. When he started to leave the round pen I walked down and shook his feed bucket, then walked away. He walked confidently up to it and started eating. :D

After he finished eating I walked to within seven feet of him and held out a treat. He stared at me a minute and then came to me and ate it. I chain fed him several treats, reaching up between treats to adjust his noseband and rub his forehead. He acted wary of the contact, but calmed right down, so I don't think it's going to take as long as I thought to regain his trust (thank goodness, I was feeling discouraged). Then I had to get his bucket, but I didn't want to walk toward him and scare him away so I got smart. I yielded Chrome's hindquarters until they were facing Zep and asked him to back into the donkey because they do that to each other all the time. Donkey moved out of his way and I grabbed the bucket. Then I sat the bucket down for Chrome to play with and held out another treat to Zep. The smart little donkey marched right up to me and ate it!!!


  1. Good news! Maybe he was just in a mood in the morning. I look forward to reading about his progress.

  2. I guess he must have remembered that although evil you were still his source of food. LOL

  3. Horses (and donkeys) have the strangest moods sometimes!



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