Sunday, February 26, 2012

Excited Chrome Video!!

Note: All photos in this post are snapshots from video so they are not very good quality. Chrome is still cute though!

Sorry I've been so quiet and haven't shared more snow pictures. I guess I needed a break from the computer. I haven't read blogs, posted on blogs, nothing. About the only thing I've done is check email. I've been working out, spending time outdoors and working on getting my house organized so I can take stuff to my friend's house for the yard sale we're planning in the spring. Busy, busy, busy.

Yesterday I was hanging up my hammock (that I've had for almost a year and still haven't hung) and was about to start sweeping the back deck when Chrome took off galloping. Curious what he was so excited about I went around the corner of the house and saw our neighbors riding their horses. They were stopping to point at my horses, talking to someone riding with them that I'd never met before. I went out to say hi.

Chrome was very excited, but he wasn't slamming into the fence like he used to. I decided to bring him out to see how he reacted. He very politely greeted the other horses (he's met two of them twice before across a fence (sorry for the inaccuracy in the video, had to think about it a minute to remember), but one horse was new), with no biting, striking or anything rude at all. Oh and he did all of this in his flat nylon halter, not his rope halter. :D It's only been three months since we got him gelded, but what a huge improvement already.

When our neighbors left Chrome got excited wanting to follow them so I trotted him down the road after them. He proceeded to flip his tail in the air and trotted so big with such huge suspension that all four hooves were leaving the ground. It was awesome!! Don't take my word for it, check out this video my husband took a few minutes later.

And for those of you who can't see videos here are some snapshots.

All four off the ground!! Gorgeous trot!

He even started cantering at one point.

Watching them canter away (yes on asphalt, so dangerous and possibly damaging).

Sniffing the ground where the other horses were standing.

Hope, you enjoyed! I'll try to start posting again. :)


  1. Chrome, how cool to see you running. You are very handsome and since you are the only horsey pal I have, I would say you are the most handsome horsey ever!

    Loveys Sasha

  2. He sure is a gorgeous boy! Love that flagged tail.

  3. FYI - it is now less than two 2!!! months until you ride Chrome. Yay.

  4. Pretty soon he'll be able to join in the fun, right? Woo hoo!

    Mango Momma

  5. Mango Momma, yep not much longer now. I can't wait!

  6. Very cute and we all need breaks sometimes:)

  7. Wow, you are most handsome. You run well!
    Sally Ann


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