Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Donkey Update.

Sorry no pictures. It has been gray, ugly, dreary outside lately. Not very photo inspiring weather. When I fed the hoofed ones I let Zeppelin eat (he came all the way into the round pen without hesitation), then walked up to him. I stopped within three feet of him and he stood there. He looked like he was planning an escape route, but he held his ground. I immediately offered treats. He of course gobbled them up. I reached up to pet his forehead and ears (which he normally likes) between treats and also checked the noseband of the halter (last time he wore one it rubbed him there, so I'm making sure that doesn't happen again). I hate leaving the halter on him. I know it's risky, but I just don't feel like I'll ever make any progress without it. I check on him four or five times a day (love having my horses/donkey in my backyard!), so hopefully he'll be fine. If he continues to reject to any pressure on it I may take it back off. I'm not sure right now. Anyway the good news is that he let me pet him on the neck again!! That's so awesome! I'm glad he's relaxing and forgiving us for catching him and deworming him. Love that silly donkey!

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  1. Donkeys are a law all to themselves, aren't they!!! A good tip for getting horses to not mind being wormed is to fill syringes with molasses or golden syrup and get them to look forward to having something nice squirted into their mouths, then they almost immediately forgive you the occasional nasty real wormer amongst all the lovely fake
    ones and it takes all the stress out of the task!

    I must take my own tip here and do this with Jack as he makes a big drama over being wormed at the moment and I haven't made the time to get him over it yet (I've only had him for 9 years after all!!!).


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