Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mango Minster 2012 Best In Show 2nd Runner Up!!

Chrome is napping after spending so much energy on Mango Minster the last few days so I'll do his monthly progress report tomorrow. I just dropped in to let you all know he was the second runner up!! Here is the post Thank you all for hanging in there and voting for Chrome. You all are the best!

I'm so excited. I had a lot of fun with this show. Mango Minster is the best show ever. Anyway I'm going to hit the hay (pun intended lol) because I just got back from a friends house after riding horses for hours and I'm exhausted (not to mention sore since I haven't been on a horse in months). :D


  1. Congratulations Chrome! Not only did you place at Best in Show, but you totally broke the dog / cat barrier of contestants. Good job!


  2. Congrats Chrome!! Great way to represent the Equine crowd.

    Lucy Donkey

  3. hey, you have a donkey. one donkey?

    with horses?

    i'm asking cuz i'm trying to get a donkey as a companion for baasha, and so far every single source says "you cannot put a donkey with a horse, they are different species and need their own! if you see them happy together it is only because they are tolerating the suffering."

    ok then.

    seriously though, a donkey seems to me to be a good companion for a horse.


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