Monday, February 20, 2012

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

This is the best picture I got because my neighbor showed up and interrupted us. Oh well. It's good enough.
Date: 2-19-12 (posting a day late)
Age: 2 Years & 9 Months (33 Months)
Height: 15.1½hh
Height Gain: He gained half an inch! Finally. I was beginning to think he would never grow anymore lol. Out of curiosity I measured his haunches too and they were 15.1hh even so apparently the funky stage he's been going through was his front catching up to his rear. :)
Weight: His heart girth measurement is 69½ and his length measurement is 72, so according to the Equine Weight Calculator he still weighs 1039lbs (it won't do half inches so he's probably a bit more than that).
Weight Gain: No gain.

Progress: Chrome has been sort of busy with Mango Minster 2012, so we didn't get much done. We did play around with the saddle and new blankets. He's losing his baby teeth. Other than that not much. The weather finally got cold so I'm attempting to stave off hibernation. :D

Goals: This really depends on the weather . . . I would like to get the mounting block built so we can practice lining up with it and me jumping around him on it. General desensitization in preparation for our first ride. I really think he's basically ready. He's so cool about everything. If I think of anything I'll work on it. I'm planning to buy some new books with the gift certificates that Chrome won during Mango Minster so we should have some fun stuff to work on when I get done reading them. Don't worry I'll share it with you all when they get here. I'm pretty excited. Anyway, here are his pictures from February the last two years.




"A flower in my hair? Really mom?"


  1. Great post! AND just to let you know that your blog is Blog of the Day at Haynet - come and take a look:

  2. Hi - Sorry this is the new link to Haynets Blog of the Day!

  3. Woof! Woof! LOVE the Flower. Also LOVE your new blog header. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Hey Chrome! Guess what? Our birthdays are only one week apart. I was born on May 12, 2009! I am however, rather larger than you already at 17 hands but I am a Percheron after all. I have been worked on long reins but soon, I will be learning lots of other things. My #1 is planing to both ride me and drive!

    Vidock the Percheron

  5. Great pics. Flowers looks adorable.

  6. Chrome looks fantastic! And he will be great with that first mounted ride.

    No one at my barn came believe that I can take my mare (she will be 5 in late May) to the outdoor dressage areana, in February, and ride without incident. She takes it all in stride.

    My point being you have done all the right ground work with Chrome and it will pay off when you ride. Great job :)

  7. Hey Chrome!
    Wow, what a nice report! I love that pix of you with the flower. I also love that side pix of you coming out of the water. Going swimmie is a ton of fun.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


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