Thursday, February 16, 2012

Faran Snow Pictures

Since Chrome shared his pictures on Tuesday now I'll share Faran's snow pictures. As much as I love Chrome, I have to admit there just is nothing more beautiful than a black horse in the snow! Faran is gorgeous. Check out these awesome pictures.

Faran wasn't too happy about the snow, but he came up to eat his breakfast. You can barely see the green of his feed bucket under my logo.

Zep doesn't like the minerals we're feeding them so he usually leaves a bit in his bucket, so Faran has to go steal it while Chrome is eating his beet pulp. Faran's nose barely fits in a regular bucket!

Then Zep is like, well if Faran is eating it then it can't be that bad, so he goes back over to get his food back lol.

After they finished eating Faran looked back at us, wondering if we were going back to the barn with him.

He tried to lead me and Chrome back to the barn by cutting through the woods behind the pond, but we weren't cooperating with him so he stood there staring longingly at the barn. :)

He let me get a lot closer to him with the umbrella than I would ever have expected.

Faran walked out to the barn and then stood staring at us, waiting for us to go inside with him to eat hay and get out of the snow. I love this picture. It looks like a blizzard (barely got two inches) lol.

When we refused to go to the barn with him he walked back up front and parked his butt in a tree to block the wind. I think he was taking a nap lol. Poor guy.

It finally stopped snowing. In this picture Faran was staring at us, probably disgusted with us, as we walked toward the barn finally.

Isn't he just gorgeous?! I finally went inside so Chrome went to the barn with him and Faran was happy to finally be inside. :)


  1. Fran is so pretty. I am with her, not a fan of snow.

  2. Beautiful pictures! We are in Texas, so we almost never get pictures of Justice (horse) and Lucy in the snow. Pictures of heat, yes. Snow, not so much. Heehee

    I especially love the 5th one from the bottom......

  3. He is looking so good- both your boys do.

  4. Hey Faran!
    Wow, you are beautiful fur sure! Love your black fur with the fluffy snow.
    Hey Chrome!
    Wow, congrats on your big MM win!!
    Great job and good luck in Best of Show!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. great photos. he is stunning.

  6. Great photos, especially like the sixth one (gazing into the evergreens).

    I always wondering what my horses are thinking while I'm taking their photos. Whatever it is, pretty sure they wish I was doing something else!

  7. You do look great, Faran! We all especially like that first photo

    Vidock the (French) Percheron


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