Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mango Minster 2012 Adventure Animals Winner!!

Sorry for the double post, but Chrome has some exciting news he wants to share with you. So here he is:

Hi everyone, Chrome here. First off I would show you my big happy smile, but as you saw in my post yesterday I'm losing my baby teeth so my smile isn't very pretty right now. Just so you know I am smiling over my exciting, happy news! Instead I'll share snow pictures in my post. Mom said I wasn't supposed to share them until tomorrow, but I'm a star now, so I can do whatever I want.

You didn't know I was a star? Oh, that's right! I forgot to tell you my news! I am officially the winner of the Adventure Animals category of the famous Mango Minster 2012. Check out the post here: http://mangominster.blogspot.com/2012/02/adventure-animals-winners.html. Thank you so much Dave and Zim from AO4! I never expected to win. :D

If you're out of the loop lately and missed my post, here is my entry into the Mango Minster: http://rdxhorses.blogspot.com/2012/01/mango-minster-2012-entry.html. I posted a video my mom made that shows all of my Firsts of 2011. It showed off all of my adventurous skills like wearing all the crazy things my mom can come up with, standing on a scary homemade pedestal and tasting all sorts of weird treats my momma offers me. I bravely did it all without hesitation! I tell you living on this farm is always an adventure!

And don't worry, the adventures don't stop here!! My mom has a lot more crazy stuff planned for this year. She even tells me that she's going to climb on my back like my new friend Arty Mouse: http://alasandra2003.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-adventure-with-chrome-by-arty-mouse.html. She tells me that's why she's doing crazy stuff like this: http://rdxhorses.blogspot.com/2012/01/chrome-wears-our-new-aussie-saddle.html!! Well I can tell you I'm not sure I like that idea because she weighs a lot more than my buddy Arty Mouse!! Since I am such a great adventurer I will go with it though!

To start off 2012 I've already braved huge blizzard snow storms! Check out the snow in that picture above! I stick my tongue out at death! A little snow can't bring me down. (Note from mom: We barely got two inches, he's exaggerating now!). How adventurous is that?

See, even my forelock froze!

Mom wanted me to show you my snow covered mane. She says it's pretty. I think it's manly, but just to show her my opinion, check out the tongue! Oh yeah!

Also because mom is a wimp and has to have an umbrella out in blizzard conditions (note from momma: the umbrella was to keep snow off of the camera), she even had to hassle me with it . . . while I ate breakfast!! How insulting.

Holding the umbrella over my head while I eat. Also just a little horsie lesson here for you dogs and cats reading this post. We do NOT like objects over our heads because we can't look up and see it like you guys can. It causes us to panic because our heads/throats are venerable to attack from predators like . . . um . . . bears. Yeah bears, not wild doggies (wolves) or wild kitties (mountain lions/panthers), just bears. So the fact that I let mom hold this stupid thing over my head where I can't see it clearly while I'm eating is pretty brave.

And over my butt. I think she was just using me to block the wind off of herself. Wimp!

More umbrella and snowy mane.

And mom says this last picture is her favorite because I look so graceful and fancy. Do you think I look handsome in this picture?

So anyway, I just wanted to share the news about my win and tell Mango, Mango Momma, Zim and Dave thank you so much!!! I'm really excited about this. Mom says this proves that I have what it takes to compete so now I have to do horse shows! I hope those are fun! So stick around guys because things are going to be interesting this year if I decide to let mom do this riding thing that she's so intent on doing. Later guys!!

P.S. Momma wants to know if you want her to let me have a post every couple of weeks where I get to do the talking?


  1. Congratulations Chrome!!!

    Minna Krebs and Krew
    and Lucy Donkey

  2. Congrats to Chrome :)!! Love the photos.

  3. Yay! Congratulations to Chrome. (I voted for him.)

  4. Chrome! You crazy nut. Look at you. Great showing!


  5. Congratulations, Chrome! We're very proud of and happy for you. Mama is a Dane person at heart [even though we're not Danes]. You may know that Dane people often get silly comments from people about Danes being big as horses and 'where's the saddle' and like that. Being as Danes won in three of the four categories in Adventure Animals, and with no slight to Garth the Lab, we vote to make you an honorary Great Dane so we can call it a clean sweep.

    And yes, we think you have an interesting and intelligent voice and we'd love to see you write from your own point of view on your blog.

    Jed & Abby

  6. Congrats, Chrome! It's about time we horses got the recognition we so richly deserve!

    Vidock the Percheron

  7. Good for you Chrome!! Congrats. Looking forward to more adventures.

  8. Thank you everyone!!

    Jed and Abbey, thank you so much for making me an honorary Great Dane. I am honored. :) I'll try to be the best Dane I know how to be!


  9. Well personally I thinks you should get to talk every day. Congrats on winning Chrome. Sorry I am late stopping by but the Mom had a root canal and she hasn't been helping ME blog like she should. BTW I can't stand umbrellas, my Mommy is dangerous with those things. So I thinks you were very brave to stand there with that THING over you head.

    I thinks you always look handsome but you look particularly fetching in the snow.

    Mommy says you and your Mom will have tons of fun once she can ride you. ~Your Friend, Arty Mouse


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