Monday, February 11, 2013

Locking Stifle or Stringhalt?

I didn't get to ride this weekend because the weather turned to crap and I was too busy.  :(  Anyway I have a question for you.  The weird leg thing I mentioned last weekend when we moved the horses is back and it looks like locking stifle to me, but I haven't ever really dealt with it before.  So if you could please watch this video and tell me if you think it's locking stifle or stringhalt I would really appreciate it!!

I talked to my farrier and she thinks it's locking stifle, but she hasn't seen the video yet, so I'll update again when I talk to her, I just wanted to see what your opinion is too.  :)

I'm leaning toward locking stifle too because the videos I've seen of stringhalt they really pick their legs way up and do it several times.  He only does it once when he stands still.  Once he's walking he's fine.  It's only on his left hind leg too.  He's due for a trim so it may be partly the club hoof, but it's mostly because he's a couch potato and because he has straight hind legs (post legged)!

Anyway here is the video... sorry it's of him grazing.  My hubby is at work so I didn't have any help to walk him.

Here is the direct link if you can't view embedded videos:

I cut out the long grazing parts where he was standing still.  So my farrier said if it is locking stifle I need to get him in shape!  I've been planning to start teaching him to longe anyway now that I have a flat place to work him since he's almost four I don't have to worry about his growth plates in his legs being damaged from working on circles too much.  Once he knows how to longe and knows the voice cues I'm going to switch to ground driving (double longeing) anyway so that will help too.  The whole five acre pasture here is flat so I'll have plenty of room to move him around.

She said the easiest way to get him in shape without overdoing it is to follow the human marathon training method called from Couch to 5k.  Check out this website for more information:  I like having a plan because I'm so paranoid about overdoing it.  Since I'll be starting out in hand (longeing, hand walking) I might just do it with him lol!  I used to run intervals and was actually in training for half marathons at one time so this could be the excuse I need to stick with it.... or if I'm feeling lazy I can longe lol!!  It's not fair to expect him to get in shape and not me though.  :D


  1. I am not a vet, nor do I play one on TV. However, I had a QH that around 3 years of age developed a wonky walk like that. It turned out that his medial pateler (sp?) ligament was catching. Vet said that it was not uncommon and that he would out grow it. Which he did.

  2. I honestly do not think it is stringhalt. Do you follow the blog 'life with my herd?' If you don't, you should talk to Cindy, she has a horse with stringhalt and would probably be able to talk to you more about it!

  3. According to several sources, my farrier and my gut instincts it's definitely locking stifle! Time for us both to get back in shape.... as soon as this head cold (or allergies, whichever it is) goes away lol.

  4. I think locking stifle too. Stringhalt they more, like, kick straight towards the belly, not the upwards movement he has. I know someone that has a mare stringhalted by barbwire. She does not move like that. You can see his stifle locking up.
    Good news is they can fix them with surgery now, if it is something that isnt a growth spurt or such.

  5. Definitely displaced patella (locking stifle). You can help him out of it by making him back up two steps.

  6. Yup, locking to me. Don't worry about going crazy with Chrome. I started with 5 mins and worked up to 12 to 15 mins trotting on hills. I had hills to lunge on. If you don't have hills no biggie. You won't hurt his legs with lunge. I use a 22 foot rope to give more room on a larger circle. It's not like your asking him to canter on a 10 foot circle for an hour, he he. He will be fine:)


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