Monday, February 4, 2013

The Boys Are In Their New Home!

 Okay now that things have settled down a little I'm back to share pictures and more information about my last post.  For new readers I'll recap what has been happening the last few years.  A few years ago my husband hurt his back and was on disability for six months.  When short term disability ran out and he was still unable to go back to work he lost his job.  So he decided to go back to school since he could get around he just couldn't do his job (it involved carrying heavy equipment, climbing stairs, long hours, etc.).  He went for a computer tech/programming type degree.  With only one semester away from getting his associate's all of a sudden he got a job!  It's a GREAT job!  Better than the one he had when he first got hurt.  They still want him to finish his associate's and he still wants to finish his bachelor's but all in good time.

So this awesome job (which my dad found for him because he's awesome lol) is in my old hometown which is over sixty or seventy miles from where we were living.  Since I'd been wanting to move back anyway that's just what we did!!  For now we are staying with my parents until we get our apartment built.  Now I'll explain the living situation.  My parents bought ten acres way back in the early nineties when I was a little bitty kid.  Sometime (I forget the year) they built another house on that ten acres for my grandparents so they could move closer to family that could take care of them as they got older (which is a good thing since my grandpa just had a mini stroke a couple of weeks ago-he's okay, but I'm glad I'm back home during all of this).  Then a year or so ago they started building a small apartment for my aunt because she was having severe back troubles and was going to move closer.  For private reasons of her own she decided she didn't want to move so the apartment sat half finished.  When my husband got the job my parents said we could have the apartment if we help finish building it!!  :D  So for now we are in a guest room, but eventually we will have our own apartment.  It's going to be soooo cute!  I can't wait to show it to you.  I might do a video tour sometime, but right now it's just studs up, no sheet rock.

So this weekend we moved the horses to their new home on the ten acres where I grew up.  :)  Sorry the pictures aren't great because of the low light.  It was a gray, ugly, cold, windy winter day, but it sure made the horses feel spooky and frisky lol!!  I'll let the pictures show you what they thought.....

 Haha this one he was grazing and then reared up, spun around while in the air, landed on all four and took off!!  I caught him at the awkward moment when he took off.  Dang delay made me miss the rear.  I need a super fancy camera with no delay LOL!

 This was two strides later!  I hope I'm never on his back when he does that LOL!

 A calmer, more organized canter lol.  

 Follow the leader around the pond.  Led Zeppelin's cute donkey ears are back because he's ducking branches.

 This one shows the height difference between those two.  Chrome is just under 15.2hh and Faran is just over 16hh, but Faran is definitely bigger because he's a Percheron lol.  Chrome's not done growing yet though.  :D

 Another perspective photo!  Look at the size difference in their haunches!  That's my grandparent's house in the background.  They have a screened in porch the length of the house facing the pasture!  Smart huh?  :)

It was too funny when Chrome would take off Faran would just trot along with him lol.

 They did a lot of grazing too.

The whole pasture is fenced in field fencing/hog wire (whichever you call it depending on where you're from) so there is no barbed wire like when I was growing up.  We are going to put a strand of electric wire along the top to keep them from trying to reach over the fence (causing it to sag).  I have other plans, but tomorrow is supposed to be prettier so I'll get more pictures and share my plans with you regarding Chrome and the property. Later!!


  1. How cool! I am very excited for you :)

  2. So excited for you! How did the boys handle their trip, how did Zep travel since he doesn't like being handled still? Looks like everyone is settling in quickly and is happy. Congrats again!

  3. Good things are happening for you! Congratulations on the new job and the move. Your little herd looks like they enjoy their new home. Good luck getting the apartment finished and settling in. It looks beautiful there.

  4. What a round of exciting changes for everyone in your family, including the animals.

  5. Congrats! How nice for you to be with your family, and the boys look quite hapy in their new home. :-)

  6. Fantastic news for everybody. I love that you are living on a multi-generational estate now. We have a couple of those in our neighborhood and it sometimes makes me wish we could build on our property for the kids. Looks like the horses are settling right in. Does this mean we will be seeing goats again?

    Mango Momma

    P.S. Good luck to your husband in his new career.

  7. Oh, I missed this post. Very cool, I love their new home and I am so happy they have a pond again. You're so lucky to have them always home with you!! They all look great and I read the posts ahead of this and looks like they all made it there just fine!!! Congrats on the life change!!

  8. Sounds fantastic! Best wishes!


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