Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chrome Turned Bay & Monthly Progress Report

Chrome turned a golden bay (see above)!!  Just kidding, the sun was just glowing off of his coat.  :D  I was losing daylight quick so I snapped the above picture while he was eating supper for my progress report conformation shot.

Date: 2-19-13
Age: 3 Years 9 Months (can you believe he turns four in three months???)
Height: 15.2hh
Height Gain: If there was any it's so tiny I can't tell.  I've admitted to myself that he will probably stay in the 15.2hh range forever and I'm perfectly happy with that.  I always wanted a tall horse because I'm 5'11", but realistically he's a good height for me (just keeping my fingers crossed he widens out enough to take up some of my leg so my feet don't always hang below his belly).  Shorter horses are cheaper to buy things for, to feed, etc. so that's good too. 
 Weight:  I didn't measure it, but I really need to.  He was looking lean so I increased his feed and he's looking good again.... I should have been recording it.  Sigh.
 Weight Gain: I don't know.

 Progress:  Um..... we moved to our new home!  That's big time progress lol.  Chrome was spookier than I expected, but I got to thinking about it and he's lived in the same place for most of his life (I doubt he remembers where he lived before turning five months old), so it isn't that weird for him to be fairly unsettled.  I think he has accepted that we are staying here and has calmed down a lot and settled into the new routine.  It was funny though during a recent storm he was spooking at thunder!  How bizarre is that??  It's probably all of the unusual noises our new neighbors make, but he will adjust to it in no time.  

Goals:  Since we have finally moved and things are settling down I need to start making goals each month again, especially if we're going to complete all of our goals for the year.  I finally got the round pen set up so I think my goal for now will be teaching him to longe and getting him in better shape.  I would make more plans, but the weather has been very unpredictable lately!!

Here is a picture from the other day showing his actual color hehe.  Isn't it crazy that he's almost four years old and he's still so dark!  I wish he would turn dappled gray, but I'm finally accepting that he's going to be one of those that just fades.  Oh well, all the changes in his color has been so fun to watch and he's always gorgeous in my eyes.  :)

That's all for now.  I'm still working on the Faran post.... wish the weather would cooperate.


  1. He may not be bay but grey is such a cool color. Always changing and evolving. He might dapple yet!

  2. ha ha Grayson's almost 8 and I gave up waiting for him to gray 2 years ago. When I got Grayson I was told he was a rose gray which is just a transition sort of gray and he would eventually gray out. I did a lot of research and I'm I'm fairly sure he's a sabino roan...he has all the right pieces (a white belly!). Regardless, he's not gray. ha ha!

  3. LOL Julie! Too funny! Sabino Roan sounds right for Grayson. He's so pretty!! I know Chrome is gray though because his dam is. :)

    Story, it would be cool if he dappled, but I'm not holding my breath. From everything I've read it's common for Arabs and Arab crosses to fade instead of dapple. It's not a big deal, it just would have been really cool. :)


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