Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Questions Answered

Wow not a single comment on my previous post?  I must have been gone so long that everyone forgot about me!!  Anyway I had a couple of questions asked on the post before that I want to answer.  If you have any others just let me know.

Appy asked about how Zep did with the trip since he's still half wild.  He actually did really well!  We had him trapped in the round pen and backed the trailer up to it so we could make a shoot out of the panels.  He was nervous getting on the trailer because the truck was running and he could feel the vibration in the floor.  He climbed the ramp like he thought it was going to fall right out from under him.  Once he was on he was great though.  We pet him over the trailer door and fed him treats.  When we got to our new home we put them all in a small round pen for the first night since we hadn't shown them the fences yet and he walked right up to me for treats.  :) 

Faran did really awesome on the trailer!  He loaded right on then we realized we were using his rope halter so we took it off to put his regular one back on.  Then the silly horse turned around in the trailer!!!  He almost fell down because it's such a tight squeeze, but other than a small scrape above his eye he was fine.  We unloaded him, turned him around and he walked right back on.  He was fine once we had him tied up lol!!!

Chrome on the other hand did NOT want to load on the trailer.  He knew something was going on.  We were sort of on a tight schedule because I had to go back to work and I was nervous so I'm sure he picked up on that.  I almost got him on using the clicker, but finally had to give up and use a butt rope on him because we just ran out of time.  :(  I'm disappointed because he'd been doing so well with loading.... it's my fault though because I haven't worked on it in a while.  I will remedy that asap.  He rode fine although he was spinning circles in the trailer and he did sweat some.  Just something we have to work on.  They all made it free of injuries except for that tiny scrape on Faran, so I'm happy. 

Chrome was acting weird on his left hind leg before he ever got on the trailer.  He was acting like he pulled a muscle in his stifle again.  He was much better by that evening and the next day as you saw by the bucking pictures, so I'm just watching him closely.  He will need to start doing some work to strengthen his stifles soon on hills or with cavaletti.

Mango Momma asked if we would be seeing goats again soon..... I hope so!!  I miss Jasmine so much and have even entertained thoughts of trying to get her back, but I don't know if I can.... if I can't we will probably end up with a few just to help keep the brush eaten back because there are areas in the pasture that get covered up in briars and honeysuckle.  We shall see what happens in time.  :)

Check back tomorrow and I'll have more cute pictures. 


  1. I bet Chrome was nervous about going away. I am always nervous to leave my home also. I hope his leg feels better.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. We have a Percheron friend who loads onto a trailer fine and then lies down in it for the journey!

    Hope Chrome's leg is all better soon!

  3. Happy the move went fairly smooth for everyone. Looks like the boys are enjoying their new space!

  4. I read your posts and was excited to finally hear your news. Sorry I have been scarce. We had our own little mini move last week. Having both my horses at one place is wearing me out.

  5. Chrome being a jerk? That never happens. Hehehe. Sounds like the move went well, though. Everybody will just be happy to be together. Looking forward to goats.

    Mango Momma


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