Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day & Fifteenth Ride

 The weather finally cooperated enough for me to go on my first ride at our new home.  :D  And yes, that is short sleeves in February, go ahead and hate me.  ;)  I went ahead and used the saddle, but I'm not positive it fits right because Chrome was kind of balky and unenthusiastic compared to when I ride bareback.  I'll check the saddle without the saddle pad to see if it fits later.  Anyway here are the pictures...

 My husband was holding Chrome while I brushed him because I don't have a place to tie him yet and was taking pictures.  He was playing around with the sun trying to get interesting pictures.  I really like this one lol.  Chrome is so cute!  He wasn't being mean or trying to pull away, I was scratching his favorite itchy spot on his neck with my curry comb.  He loves it!  :)

All ready to go and I'm excited... Chrome?  Not so much haha!

It's been a while since he wore the saddle so I took him for a jog to make sure he was okay with it (besides it's practice for when we start doing competitive trail rides hehe).  Ignore how weird I look, I'm pulling my shirt down lol.

 Too bad this one is blurry.  I like it.  I stopped to tighten the girth one more time and my husband got this picture.  That house in the background it the one we're building for us.  :D  The white part will have wood siding on it soon.

 Chrome always looks like he's half asleep haha!

 Tackling a big mud puddle.

 He happily went through it and I reached down to give him a pat.

Chrome looking more alert.  Notice my pine bough crop with pine needle tassel?  I can't find my real riding crop so I used a branch from a pine tree.  He was being lazy and needed a little encouragement at times, but I barely have to touch him with it.  :)

 "Chasing" Led Zeppelin.  :D

 Sniffing my "riding crop".

The end, hehe.  I like how he's stepping under himself on this one.  :)

As soon as we get the round pen set up I'm going to starting teaching him to longe.  I think it will be easier to teach with some boundaries starting out because right now he can't make a circle to save his life lol.  I'll try to get video of our first session, but it will depend on if I am alone or not.


  1. Sweet! I also don't think you look too big for Chrome at all. I only say that, because I know you were worried Chrome wouldn't get tall enough. But you guys look great. Proportionately, I think it looks great:) Have fun guys!!!! Happy V-Day to all of you!! xoxoxo

  2. You must be so happy to be riding him again. Now that you've told me how tall you are, it gives me a better perspective on Chrome's size. I'm sure he seems small compared to Faran, but he's big compared to my horses. Perfect riding crop.

    Thanks for catching up on my blog and giving your reactions. Your paintball comment cracked me up.


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