Thursday, February 7, 2013


 Appy, yep we brought the chickens and ducks.  Sadly my last turkey (the sweet white hen that followed me around when I took pictures) was killed by some predator so we don't have turkeys anymore.  We might get some eventually when things are more settled in. 

And yes I will have a flat place to put the round pen where I'll get to work with Zep finally!!!  I just have to go get the rest of my panels and rig him up a shelter, but I do plan to get him tamed down, halter trained and gelded this year finally.  I'm very excited!!  :D

Anyway here are some more pictures.  Tomorrow I'll post about my plans for the property.... it will be interesting I promise!

 I brought Chrome out to brush him off and comb out his mane and tail because he was looking a little "wild".  ;)
 Since he'd only been in the pasture so far at the new place I decided to take him for a walk around the rest of the property.  Here he is checking out the trash cans.

Here he is looking very much like a Friesian hehe.

 I got him with his neck arched too as he started to walk off hehe.  He was listening to a neighbor horse that was neighing, but he couldn't see it, so he was excited.

 "Are you looking at my butt??"  --  Hehe I had to get a picture of his pretty tail after I brushed it out.

Zep was feeling frisky when I put Chrome back in the pasture LOL!

 Faran looking handsome!

 Laaaazy trot!

Chrome balancing act while scratching lol.

Where's Waldo.... err I mean where's Chrome??

One of my favorites of Faran.  :D

Faran actually gave us a scare the other day.  He was eating when suddenly he walked off and started pawing the air which he's never done.  I was confused so I went to check on him and he refused to eat.  Then he started flapping his upper lip and stretching his neck and shaking his head.  I thought he was choking, but after a minute he got a drink and was fine, so I think it's his teeth.  He's been drooling a little while eating so I knew he needed to have his teeth done (he's actually overdue.... how does time fly by so quickly??), but we kept having to postpone it because of the whole no job situation and then the moving situation.  So anyway I found someone who will float a draft horse so now we have to schedule something.  The only time we can do it is a Saturday morning and we can't do it this Saturday so I'll try to schedule it for the next one.  Keep your fingers crossed they have something available!


  1. Love the photo with Chrome and Zep! That is a cute one! I am not sure where you moved too, but if it's Michigan, I know a great dentist that owns drafts and is great with all horses. He is doing Shy next month. I am excited to read all about your new plans.

  2. I love all the pictures. Faran is one handsome man!

    Loveys Sasha

  3. I love the pictures your horses and Zep are soooo CUTE!

  4. This news makes me happy!! The horses look like they are in heaven. I can't wait to see what you will accomplish now that you have a round pen and some flat ground for an arena. Having a round pen has made such a difference for us.


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