Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our First Road Walk In Our New Home

 I hand walked Chrome on the roads at our new home for the first time today.  He was great!!  He was very alert and eager, but totally sane and calm too.  :)  He was enjoying himself so much that he didn't even want to turn around and come home.  Check out the pictures.

First pictures of how dirty he was.  It has been so nasty and muddy lately.
 You might have to enlarge it to see the mud.  He's the perfect color right now because the mud blends in lol.

 Close up of his dirty hip.

 And his icky tail...

Now some of him cleaned up....

 First his beautiful tail!!  Looks much better huh?  
I didn't even finish it because I didn't have any detangler and it was tearing too much.

All cleaned up.  Lots of elbow grease!

The other side was fairly clean already.  He has a bare spot on his hip where he cut himself, but it's healed up.

 Even though I brushed his mane it still looked bad.  It was so windy.

 When I say windy I mean WINDY!

Now for some fun shots while he was still tied up.  Isn't he so photogenic and gorgeous?  Or am I just totally biased??  ;D

 Look at his beard!

Look at how faded out his star is getting.

See how neat and clean his star was when he was born?  Isn't he a cute baby??

 Standing so tall and handsome!

 Why does he always look so gorgeous when he's misbehaving (pawing)??  Luckily he only paws two times and then gives up.  I'm so happy it hasn't become an ingrained habit (because I never reward it I just take pictures lol).

"Momma?  Why are you all the way over there ignoring me??"

He finally cocked a leg and relaxed (instead of pawing and being antsy) so I untied him and took him for a walk down the road.

 It's very difficult to photograph him when we're both moving, but I got some decent ones.

We were walking so fast that not many of the pictures turned out.  This is the point where we turned around.  

 His neck looks so short lol!  He could smell the neighbor's horses, but couldn't see them, so he just stared.

And then we headed back home.  

 This one is blurry, but I wanted to post it to show how far under himself he was stepping.

Chrome is such a lazy (maybe stiff?) horse that normally his rear hoof print barely makes it into the front hoof print.  On this walk he was so forward that his rear hoof print was easily a whole hoof in front of his front hoof print.  I'm so happy to see he can move forward when he wants.  The cool thing is that he's landing heel first with his rear hooves.  I got a video that I'll post later.  :)

 Crappy photo, but I love his neck!

Dork was sniffing the driveway.

So I would call today a success!  I've been feeling very unmotivated (due to crappy weather and stressing over Faran), but today I just made myself go do something with him.  It was cold and windy, but so worth it!  Now maybe soon we will actually start doing some longeing, ground driving, clicker training and riding!  :D  I'm so ready for spring!


  1. Yay! I had an amazing walk with Gabbrielle today that I still have to post about. You really look like you are living in Bigfoot country now. All those trees...

  2. LOL! You are too funny! I can't wait to hear about your walk. I'm glad you had such a good one. :D Chrome and I will watch out for Bigfoot.... and the neighbor's dogs... they are scary! ;)


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